Snooki’s New Fake Teeth Look Like Dentures


Snooki was showing off more than a new baby, when she appeared on the cover of people magazine last month. The infamous “Jersey Shore” reality star is sporting some seriously fake-looking new teeth!

Snooki before and after dentures veneers:
Snooki Got Fake Teeth Dentures Veneers

Following in the footsteps of fellow “Jersey Shore” cast mate, Deena Cortese, Snooki made over her smile with a set of Lumineers. Lumineers are basically the Lee Press On Nails of cosmetic dentistry and are just fake teeth glued onto the front of your real teeth (which is exactly what they look like). Unlike veneers, Lumineers can be taken off if you decide you don’t like your new look.

So are we surprised that Snooki went the cheap, tacky route when she decided to have cosmetic dentistry? Not really. I’m more surprised that she didn’t just get a “flipper” (Those fake teeth kids wear in beauty pageants).

Lumineers versus pageant flippers: Which looks more ridiculous?
Lumineers versus flipper

Personally, I liked Snooki’s smile much better before she decided to get cosmetic dentistry. Her teeth were not text-book perfect, but I think her smile was cuter before the fake horse teeth. I think she should have saved her money and just had her real teeth whitened a bit. What do you think of Snooki’s new teeth?

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  • avatar jody4151 says:

    I agree. Why do people want Chicklet teeth (remember the Denise the Menace movie?) Just whiten them Snooki! Why does every “famous” person want to look just like other “famous” people? Let your face & teeth have some character πŸ™‚

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    OMG! Those teeth look horrible. Veneers look bad too, just looks like dentures. I would get invisiline and whiten my teeth before I put lumineers on!!!!

    • avatar GumballGiggity says:

      Exactly! I would’ve gotten braces before getting those dentures put on my teeth. They have the money to spend on getting their teeth fixed but rather buy dentures instead.. I don’t understand these people.

  • avatar Craigmack says:

    I agree %100 ! What the hell ?!!?!?!?!?!!? She thinks that looks good ??? That’s a little far fetched and she looked waaaay better with her regular teeth. I hope she realizes how stupid they look and has them removed. What a meathead !

  • avatar Katrinna says:

    Ridiculous please look in the mirror and undo that mistake

  • avatar AnnaBanana says:

    Snooki’s just look horrible and look like dentures that are too big for her. Not all lumineers look horrible if done by someone who knows what they’re doing. I used to work for a cosmetic dentist and none of the patients that got lumineers done looked like they had horse teeth after. And typically the dentist would have to shave down the teeth a little before applying the lumineers so that they don’t look too thick or feel too big for the mouth. After all, they are molded specifically for each person so they should fit and look fine.

  • avatar BrownSugar says:

    Finally ! From the beginning of season 2 I was like damn bitch you make a ton of fucking money and you can’t even get your teeth fixed … Anyway they look great congrats gurl … πŸ˜€

  • avatar Pickles says:

    I don’t like them. Our teeth add character to our faces, so I don’t get why everyone in Hollywood wants to look like they’re wearing dentures. I agree she just needed to get them whitened. Her teeth were just fine, cute even…like she is! πŸ™‚

  • avatar gigi says:

    teeth !!!

  • avatar Amyq says:

    Ya’ll, dentures do NOT have to look fake, and most don’t – you would never know someone had dentures if they’re made right. Those lumineers she’s got DO look awful, though. Too white and too uniform. Her real teeth look so much better – maybe just a little whitening would have been fine.

    • avatar PooPoo says:

      So true! We just can’t allow her to do this to herself, or other young women. It would be illegal! πŸ™‚ Show your true self girl – Your true NORMAL teeth, like we all have. Show the world women do NOT need lumineers to feel like women! Be true, just like we love you. Be true!

  • avatar PooPoo says:

    Snooks, you are cute – But your teeth are nuts! It makes you look so stupid! Coming from a place o love. Get rid of em. They look RIDICUL-ASSSSSSSSS! Your teeth are GOOD girl! Get rid of the NONSENSE! Be you! Love YOU!

  • avatar rojorisn says:

    dear god! snookie’s dentist must be related to bruce jenner’s plastic surgeon. how could anyone poising as a professional allow a patient to walk out of the office looking like that! she has aged ten years. they absolutely look like a set of cheap ill fitting dentures. don’t they make the veneers in different sizes? they are way too big for her mouth. if they can be removed DO IT DO IT NOW! snookie was so cute! i honestly can’t stand to look ar her. sorry.

  • avatar aprilcc says:

    Guys her teeth before were terrible! She looks so much better now! None of us are perfect we all have something we want to fix and I love her she’s so funny and seXie than ever! God bless her!!!!

  • avatar Kristen says:

    Snooki went to the wrong dentist. Her teeth look terrible. They are too big and bulky for her mouth and make her look much worse. I’m a dentist and every time I see her new teeth, I cringe. She could have had MUCH better work done with another type of veneer. Her teeth look cheap and poorly done. Maybe she wanted them that way? I don’t know.. But if I was working on her teeth and she asked me to make them look that hideous, I’d request that she never tell a soul that I was the one who made her look like that.

  • avatar Dirk G says:

    Her teeth would’ve looked AMAZING with just a year or so of braces. But now, those teeth have all been grinded down to nubs to place the veneers. And now her ‘teeth’ look ridiculous.

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