Did Mandy Moore Have Plastic Surgery?


Mandy Moore’s appearance at the “Major Must Haves with Jockey” party last week certainly has created a buzz! Although it wasn’t the designer dress that she wore that had people talking, it was Mandy’s face! The 28-year old singer turned up looking a bit different than we remember her and it has media sources claiming that she’s undergone a bit too much plastic surgery.

Mandy Moore then (2010) and now (2012):
Mandy Moore before and after Botox

Something is definately different about the singers face, but we don’t think it’s the result of drastic plastic surgery. Judging from her super-smooth forehead and arched eyebrows it appears that Mandy is a regular user of Botox, and she’s starting to get that waxy, too-perfect face that is often a telltale sign. Also contributing to her new look is a change in her makeup routine as well as a bit of weight loss. All in all, we think Mandy looks pretty good, but she would look even better if she stayed away from the Botox needle for a while. What do you think of Mandy Moore’s new look?

More pictures of Mandy Moore:

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