Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Drops $21000 on More Plastic Surgery


Is Farrah Abraham following Heidi Montag’s guide to fame and fortune? The 21-year old reality star underwent her 2nd and 3rd plastic surgery procedures this month and has revealed her new face to InTouch Magazine.

Farrah Abraham before and after rhinoplasty and chin implant:
Farrah Abraham Nose Job Chin Implant PicturesPhoto credit: Steve Dennett/Splash News

The young reality star, turned wanna-be model/actress/singer, had a nose job and chin implant installed on October 7th and is already showing off her result on the cover of tabloids. Including the breast implants that Farrah had put in 2010, she has already spent $21,000 on plastic “improvements” on her face and body at the tender age of 21.

Farrah Abraham before and after $21,000 of plastic surgery:
Farrah Abraham before and after plastic surgery 2012

Farrah claimed that she was not insecure about her face and body, but says that the pain and money spent on the surgeries “was very worth it”. Was it worth it because her new nose and chin make her a better person/mother? Or was it worth it as in she got paid to reveal the before and after plastic surgery pictures to a magazine? Since appearing on MTV’s “Teen Mom”, Farrah appears to be fame-hungry and hellbent on staying in the limelight, and if you ask us, this latest round of unnecessary plastic surgery is yet another attempt to extend her long-expired 15 minutes of fame. Farrah has already gotten fake boobs, posed for “candid” bikini photos, wrote a book, gave away her kid, made “shocking” confessions about drinking/drugs/suicide, got more plastic surgery and probably the scariest thing of all…she recorded an album.

(Don’t believe that her music could be worse than Heidi Montag or Courtney Stodden? Well, Farrah makes Paris Hilton look like a musical genius…Take a listen.)

Farrah Abraham’s single “On My Own”:

We’re just going to chalk up Farrah’s new face to an impressional young woman, with no discernible talent and too much money laying around, looking for some attention. What do you think about a young mom spending $21,000 on unnecessary plastic surgery?

Farrah’s new face on the cover of InTouch:
Farrah Abrahams InTouch Plastic Surgery Cover

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  • avatar jody4151 says:

    I thought she looked much better before the latest plastic surgery. She doesn’t look better, just really, really odd. Wish I hadn’t listened to her sing……worst thing I’ve ever heard 🙁

  • avatar cc says:

    there was no need for the chin implant, now she looks like a witch and its prob one of the worst nose jobs i have ever seen. it’s not even that much smaller!!!

    if you watch teen mom… she also had braces last year to fix her teeth which seemed a bit unnecessary too.

  • avatar Lola says:

    I personally think she looks prettier before – in the profile picture.

    About the nose looking the same – give it time for the swelling to go down. When I first got my nose job, there was minimal difference and I felt not only was I duped – but that my nose got bigger – come 6 months, and a HUGE difference. She needs time for the swelling to go down, she should have waited before officially presenting her new face. 2 weeks or so after surgery is not enough.

    If I was in her place, I would have invested that money rather than use it for those, in my opinion, un necessary surgeries. Especially since she does not have other means of secure fixed income. Its none of my business though, its her money and she can do whatever.

    • avatar Lola says:

      Also – if anything, she should have done what Courtney Stodden has done.

      Subtle none invasive improvements like fillers and botox – she too, unfortunately, looks no where near her true age.

      She kinda looks like those overweight authors you see on the back of the vampire fetish books now, especially with that horrid picture on the cover.

      • avatar cc says:

        yeah know what u mean about the swelling, it does look swollen, she should have waited.

        i dont think the surgeon took enough off though, look at ppl like ashley simpson, straight away her nose was a lot smaller, farrah’s still seems large.

        wonder how much she gets paid for doing these magazine articles??

  • avatar Dawn says:

    She told her daughter that she wanted to be a beautiful butterfly? So what happens when Sophia grows up has the same chin and nose? Is she going to think that it is so ugly that she needs surgery as well?
    Comeon Farrah just grow up already. You are not some Alist actor you are a mom jus live life to the fullest and enjoy the money you made off of showing your attitude to your parents constantly…

  • avatar Cheyenne says:

    Tits and nose don’t look that awful. Chin implant was completly unnecasary.

  • avatar Salt&Peper says:

    Still ugly.

  • avatar chalie says:

    on the in touch cover she looks many years older than 21

  • avatar Halow says:

    I think she looked much better before the surgery. I thought she was so pretty. Now she looks witch-like and manly. I don’t like to be mean and judgemental but that chin job is just aweful.

  • avatar Carmen Cuellar says:

    I think she looked so much prettier than before!
    First of all, her nose looks the same..
    and it already looked good.

    second, her chin looks manlier.. It looked cuter & more feminine before.

  • avatar Cj Lucente says:

    Uh so..she isn’t insecure about herself, yet she gets a boob, nose, and(wtf?!) chin job?? Yeah, okay. She’s just an ugly person, plastic surgery won’t help. Instead of dropping 21grand on improving the unprovable… Why doesn’t she put it away for Sophia? Oh yeah, that’s right…she’s a selfish b.

  • avatar mmm says:

    nose ok chin looks way to big and she had a chin to begin with…that doctor just wanted to make the extra money!

  • avatar Jeni says:

    Farrah, omg, that is the worst “song” I have ever heard. It makes “Whip My Hair” sound like high art. Did you record it on an 8-track machine? The final line is, “this is the best I can do”…um, really? It’s not good enough!

  • avatar sunshine says:

    eeeeewwwwwww farrah looks really ugly after her lastic surgery!!! I would sue that doc who did her work!!!! just god aweful puke!!!!!

  • avatar Cat says:

    Wait, she gave away her child? She goes off and spends 21k on vanity after giving away her child and people think this is ok?


  • avatar Bill says:

    Don’t know who she is but she didn’t really need the facial work from what i can see but definitely needed the tits. They would have looked better if they were fuller and bigger but she’s moving in the right direction.

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