Man Sues Wife After She Gave Birth To Ugly Child


In totally bizarre plastic surgery news today, a Chinese man has sued his wife for being ugly. That may sound like a frivolous lawsuit, but in this case the judge agreed and awarded the husband $120,000!

Jian Feng became suspicious of his wife after she gave birth to their daughter whom he describes as “incredibly ugly“. Since the child resembled neither of them, he accused his wife of cheating on him. The wife insisted that she did not stray from the marriage, but instead, she revealed that she had $100,000 worth of extensive plastic surgery prior to meeting her husband.

The wife in question before and after plastic surgery:
Chinese woman before and after $100,000 of plastic surgery

Upon learning that his wife was not a natural beauty, Jian Feng filed for divorce and sued her for fraud. Feng claims that his wife convinced him to marry her under false pretenses by not disclosing that her good looks were in fact the result of plastic surgery. Surprisingly, the judge agreed and awarded the husband $120,000 in damages.

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  • avatar Lola says:

    That is such sad news. Like their time together meant nothing since she wasnt a *~natural~* beauty.

    Shame on him and shame on the judge. The person behind the surgeries is still the same person he married. Theres a special place in hell for men like him.

  • avatar cc says:

    I feel sorry for her but… it is amazing what plastic surgery can do, true it can ruin your face but, she looks amazing compared to b4. her surgery turned out great!!

  • avatar wifeyfreshy says:

    this guy is crazy, the woman is the same person he married regardless what she looks like before she had plastic surgery,and how can he say the baby is ugly when he’s a part of that child so therefore he must be “ugly” too, he should be lucky that his child is healthy rather than worrying about how his child looks

  • avatar Lana says:

    and the child?

  • avatar Kat says:

    I think the after photo is totally photoshop’d, How did her eyes get so much bigger? Which leads me to believe the entire story is fake!

    • avatar Jon says:

      I guess you missed the part about plastic surgery. I mean, it’s only mentioned several times in the article, so it’s understandable.

  • avatar Anne Marie Payen says:

    She’s better off without him !!! What a shallow wimp he is !

  • avatar Mrswilbert says:


    I get exactly what you mean. The IRISES of the eyes are much bigger in the after. The rest could definitely have been done with a brow lift, but how do you change someone’s iris size unless they wore contacts?

    • avatar jon says:

      The irises does not seem bigger at all. She just had eyelid surgery so you can see more of them.

    • avatar Jia says:

      The irises look bigger because she’s wearing “circle-lenses” in the after photo. The circle-lenses are bigger than the actual iris of the eye, and therefore making the eyes seem bigger.

  • avatar Rob says:

    The plastic surgery is probably real. I currently live in Korea, which is the plastic surgery capital of the world, and many Korean, Chinese, and Japanese women come to Seoul to have surgery on their eyes. Asian women are very sensitive about their facial structure compared to westerners, and the eyes are a bit part of it.

    Either way, crazy reason for divorce.

  • avatar PJS says:

    I feel sorriest for their baby. It’s difficult enough to be a girl in China and now she has the lovely memory of her father divorcing her mother because she (the baby) isn’t pretty. What a piece of crap that man is.

  • avatar Masnice says:

    This man acts insane.he didnt love his wife from the beginning.He loved looks and not the person!wow,women should be afraid of him and afte rdivorce,i pray no women should ever accept him.he should spend the rest of his life lonely

  • avatar TSK says:

    that man is very shallow minded n the judge is crap too

  • avatar cati says:

    Don’t omit the fact that you had plastic surgery, if you know your partner is with you for your looks. She knew she was ugly to begin with that’s why she got it done. To be more attractive and live a big lie. I don’t feel bad for her.

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