Trista Sutter’s Plastic Surgery Nightmare


The original Bachelorette star, Trista Sutter, decided to treat herself to a “pre-40” plastic surgery makeover back in July, and now she is suffering the awful consequences. At 39, the mother of two, who always seemed so down to earth, made a decision that surprised most everyone and went under the knife for breast implants and an eye lift. According to Trista, “I realized that the surgery was something I had to do for myself, just for my own self-confidence and to feel good about being in bathing suits and being intimate with my husband.” Take a look at before pictures of Trista…then look at after pictures. Hardly any difference, right? That’s because Trista was a natural beauty who definitely didn’t need plastic surgery to look good in a bikini. What a shame.

Trista Sutter before and after plastic surgery:
Trista Sutter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Three months after her cosmetic procedures, Trista is finally “starting to feel normal again,” after undergoing a plastic surgery nightmare complete with serious complications and an all-around horrific recovery. After having her boobs and eyelids done, the 39-year-old developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that she was prescribed to prevent getting an infection from surgery. “I was vomiting, had nausea, an all-over body rash, and the Prednisone I took to alleviate the reaction made me clinically depressed. I was constantly crying. It’s like I had a cloud over my head.” How’s that for self confidence??

Now that she’s back to her normal self – with bigger boobs and a non-droopy eyelid, that is – Trista is ready to clear up some rumors related to her cosmetic surgery. Apparently, she is not pleased with rumors that she had several surgeries in one day, including a lift. “All I had was an augmentation and my eyelids corrected – that’s only two procedures! And I did not have a lift!” Well, as long as that terribly inaccurate rumor is cleared up, we’ll also mention that Trista did plan on undergoing more plastic surgery, if it weren’t for her nightmarish recovery. Trista recently revealed that she planned to meet with her plastic surgeon yet again to fix more flaws – which included getting Botox injections and fixing the veins in her legs – but her first experience was so painful she had to cancel. And, although Trista says she doesn’t regret getting plastic surgery, she doesn’t plan on going back under the knife anytime soon, because her experience was “not fun!” That’s weird, isn’t it usually tons of fun?

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  • avatar Bill says:

    I’m normally a fan of implants because most women need bigger boobs but in this case it looks like they’re smaller than before. Girls, if you’re going to get bigger tits then make it worthwhile. I see this as a waste.

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