Tameka “Tiny” Cottle shot to fame in the 90’s when she was a member of multi-platinum selling R&B group “Xscape”. Currently, it looks like she needs to escape from the clutches of her plastic surgeon…

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle then and now:
TI's wife Tiny before and after cosmetic surgery

Tiny, who is married to rapper TI, hit our bad plastic surgery radar with her extreme ducklips, but after digging up some old photos of the singer/songwriter, the inflated lips are just a tiny part of Tiny’s plastic surgery transformation. At 37-years old, Tiny appears to be plasticly revamped from head to toe. So what exactly has Tiny had done? It appears that she has had a nose job, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, filler injections, Botox, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck and butt augmentation.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s plastic surgery transformation:
Tameka Tiny Cottle before and after plastic surgery

Tiny has certainly had way too much plastic surgery and it shows. But where exactly did she go wrong? As far as her face goes, we think that the plastic surgeon that did her nose job was far too aggressive and her nose looks too small and very obviously worked on. Also, judging from her joker-like smile, it appears that Tiny’s ducklips are the result of lip implants (which just never look right! See Meg Ryan). As for her body, Tiny stands only 4’11” tall, so the large breast implants and super-sized booty just look out of place and a little bit ridiculous, especially when compared to her “Xscape” days, when she was flat as a board.

Rumor has it that Tiny also gets butt shots to make her booty bigger:
Did Tameka Tiny Cottle get butt shots?

Tiny has dabbled in plastic surgery for quite a while, but it appears that when she started doing reality TV in 2009 is when she really started to go overboard. In 2009, Tiny starred in “Tiny and Toya” and she is currently filming season 2 of “TI and Tiny: The Family Hustle”. Tiny has already damaged her looks beyond repair with the overzealous plastic surgery, but if she continued on, she’s headed into Lil Kim style bad plastic surgery territory.

But don’t worry, Tiny fans! She isn’t completely plastic! We are pretty sure that her feet are au natural…

The last real thing on Tiny’s body?
Tameka Tiny Cottle's feet

Random Tameka “Tiny” Cottle fact: Tameka and fellow Xscape band member Kandi wrote “No Scrubs” for TLC and won a Grammy Award for “Best R&B Song”.

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  • avatar mas27 says:

    Leave tiny alone.

  • avatar Malikah says:

    I luv u tiny big fan of xscape but dat doc didn’t know Wat he or she was doing take them to court

  • avatar Truths says:

    I will never understand two things: ruining your face/body completely when it’s not medically necessary, people that come on these websites and get angry because they report what’s obvious! This isn’t random gossip it’s common sense (unless you’re blind).
    She could’ve gotten a moderate boob job and looked more natural; the lips I agree they should have never been invented! They look awful on anyone. The nose definitely seems to be a place where people continue to get it done over and over. Plastic surgery seems addictive like tattoos..I will stick with my few tats.

  • avatar Truths says:

    I forgot to address the banging booty; it has to fit your frame or it makes you have a tranny body REAL TALK. I was blessed to come from a family where the women have serious posterior muscles, I mean a** for days…but we have the hips, the legs, too go with that junk in the trunk. Tiny needs to stop, and to be fair she isn’t the only one, I see women everyday with crazy butts stop.

  • avatar Brian Temple says:

    Yeah she looks crazy. I don’t know what she was thinking .Vivca Fox and the Braxtons messed their faces up too.

  • avatar Lola says:

    I will NEVER not laugh at her ass implants – there is nothing to suggest its real – the thin legs, thighs and tiny hips – and then BOOM ! ass ! LOL she looks like a fucking spider !!

    The breasts seem fine – I cant see the horrid implant outline under the skin much.

    All she needed was a lip lift, eyebrow lift, some fillers & she would have been set.

  • avatar tameika says:

    i thk she was beautiful without and really im not to judge but watching her family reality show her personality makes her more beautiful my opinion.

  • avatar Madmomma says:

    STOP! Cruelty benefits no one!

  • avatar christina says:

    Honestly, The last statment of this online publication says it all. HER FEET ARE THE ONLY THING THAT IS REAL! so sad she was pretty before.

  • avatar duchess says:

    I thinks she looks fine. I have seen way worse walking the street that NEED some fuggin surgery. lol but she is a beautiful spirit. It is not my business or your business what she chooses to do with HER body. You have YOUR body. Since you have so many opinions just make sure YOU take care of YOURS. …..What folk say about you means nothing on the day we stand before GOD. SO hush. Judge yourselves. Make it a great day people!

    • avatar noita says:

      sorry but don’t mix God in that, he don’t approve when we do something to our body’s with not need.. and also they make they life’s from us, that is the minimum right we have to talk about they life’s whatever they like or not.. if you in the little box and living like a star.. accept everything from people.. they don’t have to worry for anything else..

  • avatar ALLNATURAL says:


  • avatar tina says:

    wow!!! she is one ugly chick

  • avatar ka$h says:

    Daisy wasnt enough for Donald and Miss Piggy wasn’t enough for Kermit so…. Ti , got the perfect mate

  • avatar Hbg gc says:

    Tiny u is pretty dont care what nobody say girl am alway$ on ur team 1

  • avatar PinkkBerri says:

    I love Tiny! She seems like a real sweetheart. It’s not my business what she does to her face or body. The Harrises are the shit!! Love watching them

  • avatar venus says:

    Who cares I still love her <3

  • avatar noita says:

    For me she looks disgusting, and it well get worse after few years.. why change so much that you loose who you are!! i don’t get it.. look your self in the mirror please..

  • avatar COURTNEY says:

    I Love Tiny. She has a beatiful spirit and that is all that matters. If people are not talking about u then u are not doing something right.

  • avatar mekiahbyner says:

    She looked way better b4

  • avatar NORIEGA says:


  • avatar jigga says:

    she is horrible looking everything about her is just plan ugly

  • avatar Kakes says:

    She is cool as all out doors but she is one ugly boosh!

  • avatar jusme says:

    She has a beautiful spirit a giving heart… she did what she chose to do for her own reasons. When she’s had enough She will SAY ENOUGH! After all She IS a REAL BO$$! #she’s living her life & making her OWN decisions. ~jus like the rest of us, with what means we are able to do so WhatEVER the COST #we are given the CHOICE 2 pay.

  • avatar jusme says:

    Btw, beauty cames from the INSIDE OUT please please please NEVER get that FACT twisted. What’s even more amusing is knowing that NEGATIVE statements on ANY level can only show how ugly a person is on the inside and they want to POISON others with their venom. Personally, MRS. Harris excuse me T.I. ‘s QUEEN is beautiful INSIDE & OUTSIDE. & the more hateful comment are made against any human being Blessings are sent their way & from the mouth of the HATER he eats the very words that he/she spoke. #careful says KARMA

  • avatar jusme says:

    Btw, beauty comes from the INSIDE OUT please please please NEVER get that FACT twisted. What’s even more amusing is knowing that NEGATIVE statements on ANY level can only show how ugly a person is on the inside and they want to POISON others with their venom. Personally, MRS. Harris, excuse me T.I. ‘s QUEEN is beautiful INSIDE & OUTSIDE. & the more hateful comment are made against any human being Blessings are sent their way & from the mouth of the HATER he eats the very words that he/she spoke. #careful says KARMA

  • avatar Gavin says:

    Now y’all know damn well tiny look the same in all these pictures ! Yeah it looks like she has butt and breast implants .. But her face looks the same .. There’s nothing wrong with her face .. It’s just age makes people look a little different ! Tiny cute as hell And plus if you we’re fans of xscape you would know she still look the same .. Y’all really need to find something else to do better with your lives than to just sit around and hate on somebody …..

  • avatar Net says:

    @Gavin now you know you need to stop lying! We all see that its something wrong with her face, why you don’t see it I do not understand that! I thought she had a stroke or something cause I don’t keep up with the girl but after reading some stuff on FB I see that she had plastic surgery. She needs to run quick fast and in a hurry to court to sue the doctor who messed her up. TI sees it too but sometimes love wont let you say anything, but he knows something is wrong with her face. And all these women who getting older can’t seem to accept that, so they go get plastic surgery and mess up what God gave them, SMH!

  • avatar talita says:

    essa mulher e podre de feia eu sim queria o t.i pra min

  • avatar ahri says:

    I never paid much attention back in the day cuz she was so small however the truth is we cannot judge because we are not perfect. and yes God has a lot to do with this. She made the money to get the work done with the money we all paid to see her shows and buy her music and im assuming she did it to be more beautiful in her own eyes. I don’t like it that’s my opinion because its almost like she didn’t like how she looked before and we should all love ourselves the way God created us however the Bible says no sin is greater than the next so the tattoos and piercings we all think are great in the eyes of God are just as bad. I say leave her alone TI love it and she clearly isn’t having any issues with self esteem now so she accomplished her goal. Good for u Tiny

  • avatar wow says:

    Just because you are a fan of Tiny or thinks she is a good person (and she probably is) doesn’t mean the work she had done looks good. No one is sitting here saying she is a bad person, we’re criticizing her obvious and unfortunate plastic surgery. I feel like she looked good enough before that with just a few procedures, good makeup and lace wig, she could have looked really nice!!! But I think her nose job is bad, getting a good one would have made her face so much more feminine and balanced. Maybe a little brow lift to pick up the brows at the ends and give an arch, MAYBE a chin implant? Skip the fillers. Maybe a little in her cheeks, but I think she went overboard with that, and definitely no fillers in her lips! And do I even need to comment on those God-awful butt implants?? -_- She should have gone the brazilian route, not full on humungous implants that don’t fit her frame and look comical on her skinny legs.

  • avatar Sway says:

    People, PLEEEEAAAASE!!!! She is UUUUUGGGLLY!!!!! I do think she has a nice personality, but that doesn’t mean she’s not ugly. People need to learn how to separate the two. You can have a great personality , but not have great looks. Get real.

  • avatar Suzie Carmichael says:

    OMG…I thought the AFTER pictures were the BEFORE pictures. She really should have left her nose ALONE! But I do like me some Tiny.

  • avatar melony says:

    Wow she looked way better before plastic

  • avatar rizzo says:

    I think tiny is a wonderful,good hearted person! She’s very pretty.

  • avatar Jordyn says:

    Leave Tiny alone, she is a pretty girl. She was pretty before and she’s pretty now.

  • avatar Jordyn says:

    She is a pretty girl. She was pretty before and she’s pretty now.

  • avatar Yolanda says:

    I have to say its a bit much she didn’t need that much surgery she looked fine before

  • avatar chad smith says:

    Hellyea she’s pretty before An she’s sexie now.so y’all shut up about that Bull shit y’all talking

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