British Woman Has Over 50 Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Queen Nefertiti


You’ve heard of women undergoing plastic surgery to look like Pamela Anderson or getting a lift here and a tuck there to revamp their overall image. But have you heard the one about a woman spending over $320,000 and going under the knife for 51 different cosmetic procedures, all in an effort to look like the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti? Well, 52-year-old Nileen Namita of the UK did just that, and the before and after pictures of the formerly-normal-looking British woman are pretty shocking.

Nileen Namita before and after plastic surgery:
Nileen Namita after plastic surgery to look like Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti – whose name means “the beautiful one has come” – is history’s most famous “Queen” of Ancient Egypt, and was known far and wide as a beautiful woman in ancient Egyptian times. Take a look at the 3,300-year-old bust of Nefertiti, and you’ll see why she is still considered an iconic figure in regards to female beauty today. Apparently, Nileen Namita admires Nefertiti’s reputation as a beautiful woman, but she seems to have taken her admiration a little too far.

Nileen Namita dressed as Nefertiti:
Nileen Namita as Nefertiti

Nileen’s obsessive and creepy incredible plastic surgery transformation began back in 1987, when she suddenly decided that she had lived as Nefertiti in a past life. So why not live as her in her current life as well? In order to achieve this goal, the mother of three spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and underwent more than 50 plastic surgery procedures to reform her face into an exact replica of Queen Nefertiti. Among her plastic surgeries were three facelifts, eight nose jobs, one eyebrow lift, three chin implants, six mini facelifts, five eye surgeries, two lip surgeries, and 20 minor tweaks, and she isn’t done just yet. As Nileen says, “I would like my lips to be made a little finer and plan to have some more surgery on my nose to even out my nostrils.”

According to the 52-year-old, “Throughout my childhood and teen years, I had constant vivid dreams of this ancient queen. They were visions of incredible intensity – I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate – and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant. Aged 23, I underwent psychoanalysis with a counselor. Slowly, I began to realize that I was having these dreams because I am a reincarnation of Nefertiti.” Fortunately for her children and family, she didn’t envision herself living in a past life as the Little Mermaid or Conan the Barbarian. Now she just has to learn to walk like an Egyptian and she’s all set!

More pictures of Nileen Namita:

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  • avatar LM says:

    She looks so odd, but it contrasts with the typically inflated look of plastic surgeries. I don’t think Nefertiti is even that attractive (IMO).

  • avatar Aghast says:

    She has ruined her pretty face!

  • avatar NANCY DURHAM says:

    Yeah – she really looks like Queen Nefertiti doesn’t she – like she’s been dead for thousands of years! More money than sense. Eeejit.

  • avatar Esteem says:

    If she was an incarnation of queen Nefertiti, she wouldn’t need all these surgeries..she would have looked naturally like the queen. she has spoiled her beauty, now she looks like a bloated monkey with tight lips that looks like she can hardly open her mouth..

  • avatar DeemnJooj says:

    “Mum, can we eat tonight?”
    “No, no food for anyone, Mummy has to have her nostrils evened out”


  • avatar Marie says:

    No need to put queen in “” she really was a queen of Egypt.

  • avatar Cat says:

    She actually looks more like a burns victim

  • avatar cati says:

    They gave her what she wanted, the look of a thousands year old mummy. Idiot.

  • avatar Anoia says:

    This woman is from Germany. Years back (a decade or so) she was a regular visitor to german tv shows. She was already a plastic surgery victim back then. After she wouldn’t find any german surgeon to do more surgery on her, she moved to the UK where she found a willing doctor. In the beginning there was no Neferiti BS involved, that came way later, iirc either shorty before she moved to England or after.

  • avatar Tina says:

    I don’t know who worked on her face but ….Man ! She is far away from Nefretete !!!! Nefretete was beautiful woman , what we see today is a real monster , created by some poor surgeons . After 20 years she will looks even worse , I wonder where she will hide then ?? …….

  • avatar bob says:

    she is already ugly in the first place but after surgery she just looks worse

  • avatar Sasha says:

    Nefertiti was an African woman. Lots of European women pay to have African features. This one went very very wrong

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