Move over Sarah Burge – a.k.a. the human Barbie – Ken is in town! After so many women have attempted to transform themselves into real-life Barbie dolls, it was only a matter of time before Ken entered the picture. Justin Jedlica of New York City has followed in the footsteps of so many poor, unfortunate souls who feel the need to live out some kind of unnatural plastic fantasy, undergoing 90 cosmetic procedures over the past ten years to re-create himself as a human Ken doll.

Justin Jedlica after $100,000 in plastic surgery:
Justin Jedlica after 90 plastic surgeries

After spending nearly $100,000 on dozens and dozens of plastic surgery procedures, including a cheek augmentation, several nose jobs, butt implants and pectoral implants, Justin Jedlica is apparently pleased with his appearance, although I can’t imagine why. Instead of the naturally-sculpted physique most people get from going to the gym – a chore that Justin calls “not exciting, glamorous or fabulous” – the 32-year-old has gone under the knife for pectoral, bicep and tricep implants to achieve his chiseled look.

Justin’s obsession with plastic surgery and achieving the “perfect” body image started when he decided to get a nose job in his mid-twenties. Since then, he has had four more nose jobs – each one “not as extreme and exaggerated as I wanted” – and numerous other procedures to alter his body and face. He is now pumped with a significant amount of silicone, and says that his look is “closer to…the picture that I have in my head.” He is certainly not finished improving his appearance though, and when asked if he is concerned about how his body will hold up to all this work, he responded, “I understand the risks…and I’m willing to take those on.”

Justin Jedlica before and after plastic surgery:
Justin Jedlica before and after plastic surgery

What Mr. Jedlica has made it painfully clear he is NOT willing to take on though, is Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old from Ukraine who has reportedly spent $800,000 making herself look like yet another real-life Barbie. Apparently she is just a little too real for Justin. “A true ‘body mod’ individual – such as myself – LIVES with a conviction to their alterations and doesn’t wash them off,” he said of Lukyanova. “I can appreciate that she is a talented artist, but if at the end of the day she is only presenting this ‘human Barbie doll’ on days the camera is filming…I’m not sure just how much credibility I would give her in being a REAL human Barbie.” Darn, that would have been some perfect plastic love right there.

It’s obvious that Justin has devoted quite a bit of time, effort and money to portray himself as the perfect man, a.k.a. the human Ken doll. Unfortunately, the only thing that Mr. Jedlica has in common with the Ken doll is that he is now made primarily of plastic and probably won’t be able to do much more than grin and move his head from side to side if he keeps filling his body with silicone. If you ask us, Justin Jedlica is nothing more than a modern day Frankenstein, just a bit more flamboyant.

Justin Jedlica on 20/20:

More pictures of Justin Jedlica:

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  • avatar CHUCK 67 says:

    Wow 90 cosmetic procedures! Who has that kind of $ to burn? Let alone the downtime between surgerys? What a shame, he wasn’t a bad looking guy to begin with.

  • avatar Wendue says:

    Remember, a Ken doll never had any visible genitalia either. Wonder what he’s planning on doing in that area.

  • avatar MCH says:

    Justin sounds like a really nice guy. It’s very interesting to see what PS can do. Look at Kim Kardarshian. And every actor, n person in Hollywood.
    If it makes Justin happy, hey, who am I or anyone else to criticize him.

  • avatar AT says:

    He doesn’t look a thing like a Ken doll.

    In fact, he looks extremely feminine, especially with the butt implants.

  • avatar Lola says:

    Haha ken doll.. my ass. More like a 99c blow up doll.

    This vapid piece of plastic has no place shaming others – hes just a glorified plastic surgery dont.

    Yeah I look forward to watching this thing on plastic surgery specials – and extreme shows because lbr – that is just about the only exposure he will have. Maybe a twink in porn if he’s desperate enough.

    A sad excuse for a human being, having Barbie’s “accessory” as a role model.

    LOL at the “treasure trail”. Hes doing WAY much !

    Also – is it just me, or does his pecs look like those painted on boobs drag queens do ?

  • avatar Rip Yrdikoff says:

    The picture in his head is a distorted plastic freak queen. He’s probably put boxox in his d*ck and rendered it useless. He should take pills and die and his body should be burned in a trash bin.

  • avatar Darlene says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the before picture. He was cute when he was real.Now he looks like a gay porn star!

  • avatar Linzee says:

    Le sigh. -.-

    He was naturally good-looking before, now all of his facial features look extremely feminized. Facial plastic surgery techniques were originally developed for female consumers, so it becomes problematic when men decide to get these procedures done by surgeons trained this way. Their masculine features become fuller and softer looking, which makes them look more feminine rather than just “better.”

    Men, please age gracefully and don’t try to alter your features, or else you’ll wind up looking very strange like a lot of these male celebrities who have ruined their looks with elective surgery.

  • avatar carole says:

    He looks like a freak in a freak show…dear Lord, what a shame to go from a good looking man to a freak! So sad.

  • avatar carole says:

    I hope you can undo all the weird stuff you’ve already done. The butt & cheek implants are the most horrid. Justin, whatever was going on in your head?

  • avatar Mary Courtney says:


    In what distorted mirror does he think THIS looks good. I find this level of narcissism pitiable!

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