Extreme Body Modifier ‘Catman’ Dead at 54


Catman in 2001Over 20 years ago, Dennis Avner began his bizarre surgical transformation on his quest to alter his looks into that of a tiger. His unusual surgeries, body modification and tattoos made him somewhat of a media sideshow and he appeared on many high-profile programs throughout the years. In the underground world of bod mod, Avner, or “Stalking Cat”, as he liked to be called, was looked up to and held in the highest regard by fellow body modifiers. Unfortunately the story of Stalking Cat has come to an untimely end, and it has been confirmed that Dennis Avner was found dead at his home on November 5th. Avner was 54-years old.

Avner became well-known around the world as ‘Catman’ and became an inspiration to many people in the underground world of body modification. Many of the body modifications that he underwent had never been performed before, such as: septum relocation to flatten the nose and bifurcation of the upper lip. And while Avner’s transformation caused quite a bit of attention, he was always the first to admit that he had, “found fame, but not fortune.”

The cause of death has not been released, but due to what some called his “troubled nature”, rumor has it that Dennis “Stalking Cat” Avner ended his own life.

More pictures of Dennis Avner after extreme body modification:

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