Let’s Talk About Christina Aguilera’s Butt. Weigh Gain, Silicone or Both?


So I think it’s safe to say that Christina Aguilera has packed on a few pounds over the last few years. That’s all fine and good, since Christina claims to love her new curvier body, but her appearance at the American Music Awards got us thinking: What’s really up with Christina Aguilera’s butt?

Christina showed up at the American Music Awards wearing a pretty purple ombre gown, yet she has somehow topped the “Worst Dressed” lists of numerous fashion publications. Is it designer Pamella Roland’s fault that Christina’s stylist dressed her in a gown that made her look more like a centaur than a celebrity? The flowing silk chiffon gown made Christina look completely disproportionate and was simply not flattering.

Christina Aguilera then and now:
Christina Aguilera before and after weight gain

Christina Aguilera, who has packed on 35lbs in the last couple of years, has addressed the weight gain hoopla that surrounds any celebrity that puts on a little weight, and has made it abundantly clear that she prefers to be curvy. So has she gone above and beyond simply gaining weight to accentuate her lady lumps? Christina got breast implants in 2005, so we know that she is not opposed to using plastic surgery to achieve a perceived beauty ideal!

Christina Aguilera before and after breast implants:
Christina Aguilera boob job

If you compare photos of Christina from 2011 with current pictures, you can see a very obvious difference in the shape of Christina’s posterior. She is very close to the same weight in 2011 and 2012, but now her butt has somehow become much higher, rounder and more defined. Judging from the the change in the shape of Christina’s butt, it appears that she underwent butt augmentation surgery early in 2012.

Christina’s butt: Weight gain or butt augmentation?
Did Christina Aguilera get butt implants?

What do you think about Christina Aguilera’s new look? Curvy and fabulous or just kind of frumpy?

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  • avatar jody4151 says:

    I’ve never known weight gain to lift your butt! The top photo of her at the awards show is horrible. Her body looks like Kirstie Alley’s used to. And what is going on with that blush? She needs to fire her stylist & makeup artist.

  • avatar Brit says:

    Her face looks like priscila presley wtf happened

  • avatar purity says:

    mann!she now looks so hot!

  • avatar CHUCK 67 says:

    What the heck is going on with her butt?15

  • avatar Bootyologist says:

    100% fake. She gained a little weight to use as an excuse for her newfound curves, but soon she’ll ditch the excess pounds yet magically maintain the J-Lo rump, mark my words! The pics of her at the AMAs are the smoking gun – look at the shape of her booty in that pic above: the kind of “shelf” effect, as I call it. Rather than shaped like a (backwards) letter C, her booty is shaped kind of like a number 7. I’ve seen this effect before, most notably on a pron star named Julie Cash who has a big fake booty just like Christina’s.

  • avatar anon says:

    1. There’s such a thing as shapewear. And padding.

    2. The AMA photo commentary reminds me of that part in the King and I where the children thought that the lower half of Anna’s body was shaped like a gumdrop because she was wearing a hoop skirt. Christina is probably sticking her ass out in an exaggerated pose. Her drapey dress is hiding the fact that her entire lower torso is arced backward.

    • avatar Smdh says:

      “the children thought that the lower half of Anna’s body was shaped like a gumdrop because she was wearing a hoop skirt”


  • avatar Bill says:

    She is just so damn hot. One of the few in Hollywood that looks good. Too many ugly, skinny bitches out there. This is sexy.

  • avatar JoJo says:

    The ugliest screamer in the music industry. Fake boobs, fake tan, fake hair, long nose, fat. FAILTINA!

  • avatar Smdh says:

    Shapewear does not do that, unless she’s stuffed some throw pillows inside her Spanx. She should have stayed with her wide, flat butt instead of getting that shelf installed. *sigh* It looks ridiculous. Her voice is the only thing solid about her, unfortunately.

  • avatar Daisy says:

    Eww. She looks like a horse with the way her butt is sticking out. Just add a tail and put a saddle on her.

  • avatar come on says:

    Everyone knows that she’s fake, stop it with the how much she loves being full figured crap because she has had to pay to be curvier like the rest of them Kim Kardashian,Nikki M,all had booty injections Christina would still be a skinny chick. X tina has gotten a nose job,boob implants,booty implants and who knows what to her face.Christina is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and thinks that by altering her looks with surgery it will help her to look like her idol.Look at her for the last 11 years she’s been trying hard to convert herself into her idol from the bleached blonde doo ,red lipstick,to drawing in her eyebrows the same way and gaining weight just like her and using her every Marilyn quote and every same Marilyn picture pose for every magazine and video she does except it all looks wrong on Christina since she’s much shorter and less curvier and not as attractive as Marilyn.Marilyn was never that full figured it was the fact that she was taller and hourglass figure that her weight looked great on her.I feel sorry for Christina she used to look cute and was looking great being herself now she’s turning into a surgery freak and instead is being compared to Snookie’s twin,Dee Snyder,Cyndi Lauper,Hatchet Face all in the name on transforming herself into someone she’s not.

    • avatar Bill says:

      Don’t know what species you are but you described all the items that make her so hot. She looks fabulous but she could improve the whole package if she got the titties a bit bigger. She’s a true sexpot and I love it.

      • avatar me says:

        A sexpot?,that’s stretching it far the woman is fugly and you must like that kind of species since everything described above sounds bad.I mean Christina is and will always be ugly the only thing that keeps her in the tabloids is her oversinging and her mean and dumb antics. Looks like most people agree ,she not only needs a makeover she needs to go away her times been up.

  • avatar mmm says:

    She has just gained weight.

  • avatar glasses says:

    Some people are in need of glasses if they can’t see how different Christina looks now from back then, some weight is not going to make such a drastic difference like she looks now.Pictures don’t lie and sources out there are saying that aside from breast implants and a nose job she had fatt injections to her butt.I can tell you if someone has plastic surgery they will keep doing it the majority of celebs have it done.Christina started out in the industry very thin, flat breasts,flat butt and serious weight is not going to make a butt get so round and big like she has now no amount of weight is going to make someone boobs get so huge and round.People need to face facts and that is that she had work done and will keep having it done because most celebs think they are improving their looks but they really are messing themselves up their originality.Michael Jackson messed up his looks,Jocelyn W the cat woman was a beautiful socialite before her surgeries,Kim Kardashian was a different person more beautiful and Armenian looking before all her surgeries we can keep going but the point is look it up most of the celebs that were attractive messed up their looks.

  • avatar DJBUNZ says:

    I would like to ride those big buns 😀

  • avatar DJBUNZ says:

    Big buns, mega buns, super buns, juicy buns. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy……..YUMMY!!!!

  • avatar DJBUNZ says:


  • avatar djbunz says:


  • avatar Kat says:

    Just looks like she ate too much to me… bigber bum = more poo.

  • avatar wow says:

    Wow she has gotten uglier over the years poor woman to much of everything to much plastic surgery to much makeup.

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