Dublin Housewives Star Danielle Meagher Sues Over Botched Lipo


Danielle Meagher botched lipoIt appears to be the norm now that, instead of a youthful appearance and renewed self-confidence, one of the most common things to follow cosmetic surgery is a lawsuit. In yet another sad case of a reality star suffering from bad plastic surgery, Dublin Housewives star Danielle Meagher is suing the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic in Ireland for medical negligence related to two separate cosmetic procedures. Danielle is clearly no stranger to plastic surgery, and in addition to her love affair with Botox and facial fillers, she has also had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Clearly bigger boobs and a flatter tummy were not enough for Danielle and she decided to also have liposuction on two separate occasions. Unfortunately her liposuction procedures in 2010 and 2011 didn’t make her as perfect as she had hoped and she feels that the plastic surgeons are to blame.

In 2010, Danielle Meagher went to Professor Anil Madaree for liposuction on her stomach, a procedure that included “scar revision” and the removal and relocation of her naval. The following year, Danielle went under the knife again, this time for liposuction on her thighs from a Dr. Marco Loiacono, also of the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Apparently the results of Danielle’s botched lipo were so traumatic that she found reason to sue the plastic surgery clinic and both doctors for between $127,000 and $152,000 in damages. According to a friend of the TV star, “Since undergoing the surgery on her stomach, Danielle has been too embarrassed to go on any beach holidays with friends. She does not want anyone to see her in a bikini and has only gone away on summer vacations on her own or with her family.” So her stomach is so mangled she doesn’t want her friends to see it, but she doesn’t mind if her family and the general public catch a glimpse? Also, the same friend noted, “Following the operation on her legs, she has never worn a dress. It is dreadfully upsetting for her. She is too self-conscious of her thighs.”

Of course, Danielle isn’t simply trying to make a quick buck. She is so insecure about the fact that the plastic surgery didn’t fix her insecurities that she deserves compensation for her traumatic experience. “For Danielle, it’s not about the money, but the principal of the matter and for the emotional distress this has caused her,” said Danielle’s friend. For its part, the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic doesn’t plan to let the TV star make out with more than $100,000 without a fight. “We completely dispute all of these allegations,” said a source about Danielle’s lawsuit. “She has been seen in a bikini since the procedure on her stomach and we have witnesses to prove this.”

In the meantime, Danielle herself is the clinical director of a Botox clinic, and is currently involved in a legal mess of her own over some loose-lipped girl talk after one too many cocktails. The TV star was charged with breach of confidence, and has been ordered by a judge to pay nearly $10,000 in damages to a mortgage consultant for spilling the beans and telling friends that the 36-year-old received a Botox treatment at Danielle’s clinic. Apparently this woman suffered personal psychological injury, embarrassment, shame, shock, anxiety, distress and depression, requiring treatment with tranquilizers, therapy and counseling…all because some people found out she got Botox.

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