Rylan Clark From X-Factor Is Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery


Rylan Clark quickly became a fan favorite on the popular reality/talent show, “The X Factor”, but not without controversy. When he made it to the live finals of the show, many viewers thought that the flamboyant singer lacked the talent and that it was unfair that he was chosen to move on in the competition, over other more talented contestants. What we find even more controversial is the amount of plastic surgery that the young model/singer has already undergone! At only 24-years old, Rylan Clark is unrecognizable when compared to pictures taken just a couple of years prior.

Rylan Clark before and after plastic surgery:
Rylan Clark before and after facial plastic surgery

Following being booted from The X Factor, Rylan was interviewed on ‘Daybreak’ and openly admitted to having lip filler injections. But, it appears that he’s done more than just plump his lips, as his entire face looks to have been changed. In addition to the trout pout, there is a marked change in Rylan’s cheeks and forehead, which looks to be the effect of cheek implants and Botox. We also suspect a nose job and work done to square off his jawline, but regardless of the details, Rylan has had way too much plastic surgery for someone that is in their early 20’s.

Rylan Clark seems to be following the trend of having plastic surgery in order to look fake and doll-like rather than human, and it’s a little bit scary. Can you image what people like Rylan, Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova are going to look like in 10 years?

Rylan Clark performing on The X Factor UK. And yes, it’s pretty awful:

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  • avatar chalie says:

    Well if he stops now with surgery he will still look human but if he didn’t stop he will one day look like a oversurgeond train wreck.

  • avatar Melissa says:

    Honestly I think he Looks Hott and Sexy!!! He had a good game plan for his face and he looks more attractive now than he did before.

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