Pictures of Jared Leto’s Shocking Weight Loss!


Jared Leto recented popped up in Terry Richardson’s studio where Terry snapped pictures of the emaciated-looking actor. So what’s the deal? WTF happened to the formerly super sexy Jared Leto?!

Jared Leto before and after weight loss:
Jared Leto before and after weight loss

Apparently Jared Leto has dropped a bunch of weight for his roll as a transexual woman with AIDS in “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”. To prepare for the roll, Jared has fasted for a month in order to drop the weight and truly transform himself into his character. In addition to the weight loss, Jared has also waxed all of his body hair, including his facial hair and eyebrows. Ouch!

Jared Leto then and now:
Jared Leto Weight Loss

This isn’t the first time Jared has transformed his body for a movie roll. In 2006, Jared packed on 60lbs when he played John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman. Jared ended up suffering from gout from the gorging and force-feeding that he did in order to gain the weight and vowed to never to do it again, due to the toll that it took on his body. But is fasting and starving yourself really any better?

Who’d you rather? Fat psycho Jared or emaciated tranny Jared?
Jared Leto fat and skinny

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