Portia De Rossi Has Botoxed All Of The Emotion Out Of Her Face


I just happened upon some pictures of Ellen Degeneres from the Emmy Awards and thought, “Whoa! When did Ellen start dating Kylie Minogue!?”. On second review I saw that it was indeed Ellen’s wife Portia De Rossi holding onto her hand, but something about Portia sure has changed.

Ellen and Portia at the 2012 Emmy Awards
Ellen and Portia at the The Emmy Awards 2012

It’s quite obvious that Portia has had a little bit of work done, most notably she’s Botoxed all of the emotion out of the upper half of her face. It also appears that she may have had a blepharoplasty as her eyes are much wider than they’ve ever been before.

Portia De Rossi before and after Botox:
Portia De Rossi before/after Botox

Rumor has it that Portia and Ellen’s marriage is on the rocks, so maybe Portia is preparing to re-enter the dating pool by tuning up her looks with a couple of cosmetic procedures? The 39-year old star is no stranger to having body issues and has struggled with eating disorders from since she was a child. Portia infamously weighed only 82lbs when she collapsed on a film set in 2000. She’s come a long way since then, but facing 40 as a (possibly) single woman can bring a bit of self-doubt out of even the most confidant woman, especially in the beauty-driven world of Hollywood.

In other news, why was Portia dressed and styled like a 60-year old woman, at the Emmy’s?! Portia, fire your stylist immediately…

Portia then and now:
Portia De Rossi Fashion Flop

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  • avatar Sara says:

    1. I think she looks good. She is recognizable and it’s a good “tune up”.

    2. She and Ellen are married. Are you implying that they are breaking up?

    3. Could not agree more about her outfit, but I think that stars are paid a lot of money to wear some crazy crap and so they do.

  • avatar Sara says:

    Well, oops. I just re-read the article and saw the “marriage on the rocks” comment. Disregard #2 in my previous comment.

  • avatar Boo says:

    Is that Ellen public hair in Portia’s teeth?

  • avatar molly cruz says:

    Portia evidently tired of her rather oriental upper lids, her signal feature. so what?

  • avatar El Greco says:

    It’s too bad women as beautiful as Portia was feel like they need to get or stay young via plastic surgery. Oftentimes I think the result is negative. I love the old Portia – she just looks healthier and more natural.

  • avatar Paul Andreas says:

    Ick. She looks weird and just fake and off after.

  • avatar Jen says:

    Just started fourth season of arrested development… he looked so much prettier before..

  • avatar boo hoo says:

    Watching 4th season of Arrested Development… her face used to be so expressive and she now has lost it. Botox wears off, if I was her friend I would tell her to give it up! And to stop using the fillers, she is losing all that made her unique…. starting to look like plastic surgeon model # 2

  • avatar Nova says:

    Portia is just weird looking now. She used to be pretty. Now she looks like an old wax statue that has started to flake.

  • avatar Sheila says:

    Portia I think that you are beautiful and who cares what anyone else thinks do what makes you feel good.

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