Did Claudia Galanti Get Butt Implants?


Paraguayan model and reality star Claudia Galanti is somewhat of a fixture on the Miami Beach scene, and always dresses to impress when it comes time to flaunt her curves in a bikini. But we have to ask…What exactly happened to Claudia’s butt, and why it is so oddly shaped now?!

Claudia Galanti then and now:
Claudia Galanti before and after butt implants

It looks like 31-year old Claudia has had a couple of “upgrades” this year, including a pair of strange looking butt implants. Unfortunately for Claudia, her slim figure would not make her a candidate for the popular fat-transfer procedure that many are using to boost their booties, and sadly, her lack of body fat also makes it hard to hide butt implants, which is why they look so strange and pointy.

Claudia is from Paraguay and like most Latin Americans, finds being curvy more desirable. In Latin America, bigger is defiantly better when it comes to boobs and butts, and plastic surgery is looked upon as more of a status symbol than something to be hidden. And if that is the case, I’m sure in Paraguay Claudia is looked upon as extremely wealthy, sexy and classy with the obviously fake boobs, lips and butt! Unfortunately in America she just kind of looks like an aging stripper…

More pictures of Claudia Galanti and her plastic parts:

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