Ricardo Fort Has Gone a Bit Too Far With The Plastic Surgery


Take one look at Ricardo Fort and you’ll know why he’s described by most people as equal parts fame whore, Argentinian Jersey Shore wanna-be, and a male version of Paris Hilton (a.k.a. he’s famous for being famous)…all of which are pretty redundant descriptions. In short, Ricardo Fort is a millionaire and heir to the Felfort Chocolate Company founded by his grandfather, who spends the majority of his time and money singing, dancing, modeling, doing reality TV, dating models, dressing in strange costumes and, of course, getting plastic surgery.

Ricardo Fort then and now:
Ricardo Fort before and after plastic surgery

The problem with people like Ricardo Fort is that once they get a taste of plastic surgery, they just can’t seem to stop, no matter how tragic the results. Rumor has it, Mr. Fort has already undergone upwards of 27 plastic surgery procedures, which is obvious if you’ve witnessed his drastic transformation from a nondescript male with boyish good looks to a cosmetically-altered humanoid with grotesquely large chin, exaggerated jawline and cheek implants. There’s no question about it, Ricardo Fort – businessman, socialite and ex-model – suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, which is just a nice way of saying the 44-year-old is addicted to plastic surgery.

In addition to chin and jaw implants, Ricardo Fort has also obviously gone under the plastic surgery knife for lip augmentation and/or lip injections, a facelift, nose job and several other procedures, all of which have succeeded in making him look more like a caricature of his former self than like an actual human being. Why is it that fame-obsessed people with tons of money choose to spend it on bad plastic surgery? Will this trend please go away already? Do us all a favor, Mr. Fort – turn it down a notch, chill out on the implants, shave off the creepy facial hair, and call it a day. Your kids will thank you.

More photos of Ricardo Fort before and after:

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