Kelly Osbourne Before and After 70 Pound Weight Loss!


Kelly Osbourne is on the cover of this months Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Body UK issue, and is flaunting a nearly 70lb weight loss as their bikinied covergirl! The self-described “former fat person” looks great in her bikini photoshoot for the mag and she spills the secret to her dramatic weight loss in her interview.

Kelly Osbourne before and after losing 69lbs:
Kelly Osbourne Before and After Weight Loss

Unlike her mother, Sharon Osbourne, who had lap-band surgery in order to lose weight, Kelly claims that her weight loss is the result of hard work and a total lifestyle change. According to Kelly:

If you want to change your body you can’t just diet; if you do that, you lose weight, then you get fat. You’ve got to commit to a whole life change and teach yourself a whole new lifestyle.

And, while we do think that Kelly Osbourne looks fabulous after her weight loss, we do find it a bit ironic that she has become that socialite/reality star posing on the covers of magazines in a bikini, which is something that she always made fun of when she used to be fat. She’s even wearing a lingerie-inspired hot pink bikini! (Very Paris Hilton circa 2001, right?) The newly skinny Kelly has also decided that it’s okay to bully people about their weight and has famously called Christina Aguilara fat on the show “Fashion Police”. When discussing Christina’s outfit on the show, Kelly stated:

Maybe she is just becoming the fat f*ck that she was born to be. I don’t know.

Ouch. I guess Kelly has become the skinny bitch she has always wanted to be?

More pictures of Kelly Osbourne in a bikini after losing a ton of weight:

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  • avatar Samson Simpson says:

    Sorry Kelly but you look like a young Ozzy Osbourne in drag …. at least you looked like a woman when you were a fatty. Now i’m in two minds.

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    Yeah, she’s definitely a hypocrite for posing like this after all the comments she has made in the past about women posing in sexy bikinis. I do think she looks great. I think she will always have a bit of “thickness” to her though because that is her body type. But, her hair color is so hideous. And the pink bikini, Kelly necklace and giant orange hoop earrings are so tacky.

  • avatar Lola says:

    Theres something about her that always makes me think “little person” – Idk – her proportions are very midget like to me ??

    Anyway – seconding the hypocrisy. Also fat shaming Christina Aguilera is not a good look, especially since CA atleast accomplished something and I personally prefer CA as a curvier woman (it just fits her bone structure and face better – there is no denying that C is a beautiful woman).

    She comes off very sweet and real in interviews/tv spots – so I cant hate on her. She’s come a lonnng way since the reality tv days.

    She just really needs to tone up.

  • avatar reenanner says:

    she looked way cuter with the fluff :/ now she just looks awkward

  • avatar claire says:

    The amazing disappearing tattoos haha

  • avatar MR says:

    I think she looks pretty hot. Not sure how much is airbrushed. Though, Christina A. has real talent!!! Kelly is another Kardashian, pass to fame for nothing (except parents). Christina A’s biggest weight moment is still much smaller than Kelly.
    After reading this article, I do not like her.

  • avatar Jodi says:

    Well I am proud of her for losing weight, but too bad she has worked so hard on her outward appearance when it is obviously her personality that makes her ugly as hell.
    Another spoiled rich kid that grows up rotten and disrespectful. Good job mom and dad! You must be so proud.
    I agree that she has no talent and only famous by her parents. I’ve heard her version if “Papa Don’t Preach,” and I’ve also heard drunk girls singing karaoke in a bar that have done better at singing it.
    The fact that she would say something so rude and disrespectful about Christina Aguilera with the profanity on television just shows what a white trash, no class person she is.
    She belongs in the trailer park, not the cover of magazines.

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