Jodie Marsh Thinks She’s Better Looking Now


Several years ago Jodie Marsh famously had an ongoing feud with popular glamour model, Jordan, where Jodie often called Jordan fake and bragged that her own breasts were 100% natural. When it comes to Jodie’s look today, it’s safe to say that she is no longer going for a natural look and according to Jodie, she looks worlds better now…

Jodie Marsh then and now:Jodie Marsh before and after bodybuilding training

Jodie wrote the book, “Jodie Marsh: Keeping It Real” in 2005, and has since become anything but. She has had a ton of bad plastic surgery, which all started with a nose job at just 13-years old. Jodie had the rhinoplasty surgery in response to being bullied about her big nose, but if you ask us, the result of the surgery is unattractive and while the bridge of her nose has been thinned out, the tip looks angular and weird.

Jodie Marsh before and after rhinoplasty surgery:
Jodie Marsh before nose job

Jodie has also had a lip augmentation, Botox and has inflated the boobs that she formerly was so proud of to cartoonish proportions with 32G silicon implants. But, even worse than the bad plastic surgery is Jodie’s obviously skewed perception of her image. She truly believes that she looked horrible before plastic surgery, and her most recent hobby of bodybuilding. According to Jodie:

“I can’t believe I spent so many years showing off my body and I didn’t actually have that great a body. I’m really snobby about how I looked because I have a trained eye now. I look at models nowadays and think, ‘You’re a model? You’ve got love handles hanging over your jeans!’ I would rather go in looking perfect to start with. I don’t need airbrushing. I love it.”

If you ask us, Jodie looked leagues better before all of the plastic surgery, bad tattoos and bodybuilding, but in true Jodie fashion, she pretty much goes over the top with everything.

More pictures of Jodie Marsh’s plastic surgery and bodybuilding transformation:

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  • avatar Jennifer says:

    That chick looks GROSS!!!!! Making yourself look Black is not hot. EAT A CHEESEBURGER BITCH AND GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

    • avatar Stfu says:

      Really? Cause she doesn’t look black at all to me. She has no behind, no hips, unnatural lips, and generally looks a mess. If that’s “looking black” to you, then you’re a ignorant moron. Just because someone tans doesn’t mean they’re trying to “look black”. Gtfoh.

  • avatar CHUCK 67 says:


  • avatar Lola says:


    I have no idea what she is on thinking that this is an improvement. All she needed was some decent sized implants, get rid of the atrocious tan & highlights and fix her horrible “rainbow” eyebrows. Her nose job makes her look mildly amphibian tbh.

    I honestly cant believe she paraded those deflated pancakes around in those ridiculous rhinestone suspenders.

    LOL she is the human embodiment of trash !

  • avatar TBo says:

    The end of her nose looks like a shovel… looks like a pig nose but weirder.

  • avatar Bill says:

    I hate to criticize women who work to improve themselves but she looks like crap. The tits were fine but some nice big implants would be very nice also. That’s all she needed.

  • avatar M Roma says:

    She was really cute before all of the work. She looked like a young Brittany Spears. Now, not so much…

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