Lisa Rinna Plumps Her Lips Again After Surgical Reduction Misses The Mark


Lisa Rinna was spotted doing a little shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday and we couldn’t help but notice that her famous trout pout is back! The 49-year old actress had a surgical lip reduction in 2010, after the silicon that she had injected into her lips in the 80’s resulted in lumps forming in her lips.

Lisa had the lip reduction when she was starring on the reality show “Harry Loves Lisa”, and the cosmetic lip reduction surgery was filmed for the show. So was Lisa pushed into have the lip reduction by producers hoping for better ratings? Lisa obviously was not happy with her new, less lippy look, as it appears that she is back to her old ways of lip plumping injections.

Lisa Rinna before and after lip reduction, and now:
lisa rinna before and after lip reduction and sporting plumper lips today

Lisa’s extra large lips were often the source of negative media attention, and before the reduction, she stated that she no longer wanted her lips to define who she was. In our opinion, Lisa’s lips after the reduction look even worse and it looks like someone cut off her lips and sewed them back onto her face resulting in a totally unnatural look.

Lisa’s lips before and after lip reduction surgery:
Lisa Rinna's lips before and after lip reduction surgery

The worse part about the entire debacle that is Lisa Rinna’s lips, is that she had amazing lips and a superstar smile before she started getting lip plumping injections and plastic surgery. Now, she will never be nearly as beautiful as she was before cosmetic surgery and she will most likely continue to spend money on plastic surgery in an attempt to simply look normal again.

Lisa Rinna before plastic surgery:
Lisa Rinna before plastic surgery

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  • avatar Sara says:

    I thought the reduction was an improvement. She looked normal. She’s back to looking fake. I guess that’s the only way she gets any attention.

  • avatar DJ says:

    Her lips are hideous.

  • avatar Angela says:

    “In our opinion, Lisa’s lips after the reduction look even worse and it looks like someone cut off her lips and sewed them back onto her face resulting in a totally unnatural look.”

    I don’t know what writer to address this to since no author is attributed to this ridiculous opinion. Do you wear glasses…or do you need glasses. Do you carry some sort of girl-hate about Lisa Rinna? Did you not like her on Melrose Place (wasn’t she on that)? How about “Days of Our Lives when she played Billie.”

    Well, that diatribe seems to put me in a group of Lisa Rena fans, which is not the case. LOL. I have actually disliked her lips since I first saw her on “Days of our Lives.” Those bad boys could knock people over from across the room but she owned them. She didn’t apologize, she lived her life with her messed up pillow lips and was happy. I never saw “Harry Loves Lisa” but if she was coerced into having a lip reduction. Either way, coercion or her decision, I think her after lips looked wonderful on her. She finally stopped looking like a duck!! She finally revealed what a pretty woman she was without injecting foreign substances into her body!! I don’t know if the resulting comments made about the change (such as your mean-spirited column) resulted in her return to the “needle” to once again get big lips to hide behind. What a shame that rather than lifting each other up, as women (I’m assuming this article was written by a woman, given its bitcheness) that we cannot see the good in the person being BULLIED by you and your magazine. I was the fool to have had this site under my favorites…it has since been removed. I hope you can take a moment for self-reflection and see your behavior as others may see you.

    • Our point is this: Lisa Rinna was an insanely beautiful woman before she had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery ruined her natural good looks, it’s a damn shame and hopefully this will deter some young impressional woman from injecting chemicals into her face. Nothing personal against Lisa Rinna, just stating what we assumed was the obvious.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    She was BEAUTIFUL! She should not have messed with perfection!

  • avatar Liliana says:

    She was very good looking, but now she looks weird. I really hope she could find herself and stop ruining her looks.

  • avatar Janell says:

    She used to be so very attractive before she ruined her lips.

  • avatar James says:

    She looked great after the lip reduction. She looks like a freak now.

  • avatar kat says:

    sadly,i get why some men might like a woman to look like she’s wearing her vaginal labia on her face….which grosses me out to even assert,but you cannot tell me this one looks attractive at all!she and marie osmond and others need to take a loong clear look in a mirror of truth!nobody with naturally full lips looks like that.yuck!

  • avatar Mark says:

    She was beautiful before her first lips job, beautiful after the reduction, now she looks like someone with blisters on her lips, and honestly speaking when watching her on the internet now, all I can see if her weird looking lips. Just plain ugly.

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