Patti Stanger Is Proud Of Plastic Surgery Because Everyone’s Doing It


Patti Stanger sure has changed since she appeared on the first season of “Millionaire Matchmaker”! Quite honestly, I used to watch the show and found it fairly entertaining, but after Patti broke up with her long-time boyfriend and started getting plastic surgery, I just couldn’t buy into what Patti was selling. People are going to pay big bucks to have an insecure single woman in her late 40’s give them dating advice? Ack! That kind of thinking makes my head hurt.

When Patti started doing the “Millionaire Matchmaker” show in 2008, she was a pretty, yet fairly average woman in her 40’s. Now that she is famous, she is claiming that she is proud to have plastic surgery because celebrities are all doing it. According to Patti:

We’re all getting plastic surgery…Yeah, I’m proud of it, because we’re all doing it.

Patti Stanger before and after plastic surgery:
Patti Stanger before and after plastic surgery

In 2008, Patti had a breast reduction that took her from a 36DD to a 34C, compliments of celebrity plastic surgeon, and fellow reality TV star, Dr. Gary Motykie. In 2011, Patti also admitted to having an eyelift and Botox, after her plastic surgeon refused to give her the facelift that she wanted. More recently, Patti has been showing off some serious weight loss. The 50-year old single matchmaker decided to lose the extra weight because, “It’s not easy to date when you’re hefty!

Patti Stanger before and after weight loss:
Patti Stanger before and after weight loss

In October, Patti even showed off her slim new figure in a bikini and sheer kaftan on the runway for Guria Swimwear. Patti looks fabulous for a woman in her 50’s, but we suspect that she is not being completely honest about her impressive slim down. She attributes her body transformation to throwing out the junk food at home and working out on an elliptical machine, but judging by the pictures of her in that Guria bikini, it looks like Patti also had a little help from her plastic surgeon and had liposuction as well. The telltale signs of liposuction are the lumps on her stomach and the lack of overall toning that actually working out would do.

Patti Stanger rockin’ a bikini on the catwalk:
Patti Stanger in a bikini after weight loss

So what do you think of Patti Stanger’s transformation? And, would you pay a single woman in her 50’s to be your matchmaker?

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  • avatar Jody says:

    She doesn’t even look like the same person. She looks like a Stepford Wife, and not in a good way!

  • avatar Rip Yrdikoff says:

    I really don’t mind fat and 40 gals if they’re themselves. But this phoney transformation sh*t is an industry and people like Patti are helplessly sucking that industry’s c*ck.

  • avatar Taylor says:

    I love Patti and her tell it like it is attitude. She totally had lipo and more work done than she is admitting to. Heck she can afford it so of course she had stuff done. I think she has a lip implant too. She has never fessed up to it but something about her top lip looks strange to me. I think she had an eye lift too. Glad she is looking good and feeling good about herself!

  • avatar Bill says:

    What the fuck was she thinking cutting her tits off? What a dope? That was her best feature by far. It’s amazing how stupid some people are.

  • avatar Cat says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks alot like Charlize Theron in the full-length ‘after’ picture? One wonders what they have in common…

  • avatar Austin123 says:

    I think she looks amazing. Last season when she was a bit heavier, she was still a nice looking woman for her age. I only wish I could look as slim and chic as she does now. Lipo suction or whatever likely played a part in her new look but you can’t maintain that without a lot if discipline.

  • avatar john john says:

    if she only really looked like that photoshopped after pic

    as for the bikini with the black sheer cover-up…
    i would fire my publicist, manager, agent and best-friend who let me on the cat walk without a one-piece and an opaque skirt.

    congrats on the weight loss but c’mon you would rip apart someone in your office who’d pance around in that with all the hanging skin

    what happened to your sense of dignity

  • avatar Toye Drewry says:

    I think she looks fabulous! I want to know if she lost her weight before or after her breast reduction… If only I could reinvent my body to look like hers…

  • avatar Dave says:

    Patti knows her stuff when it comes to matchmaking, it’s her brains, emotional intelligence and experience that have made her successful, so why be ageist and criticise her for being in her late 40s? Would you rather take matchmaking advice from a 16 year old?

  • avatar vin says:

    Most women will hate her for it (because she looks good). As to the dating advice; not sure one has anything to do with the other. If she can pick and they stick for her clients that is all that matters. She could have a mustache and it probably wouldn’t matter.

    • avatar anne says:

      Umm No.No one will hate her because she looks good.She dosent look so good to me and really I would have preferred someone who wasnt insecure about the way they looked to go on and get multiple surgeries to ‘fix’ it.this shows a deep mental problem to take on such an evasive method to alter body.Disgusting.After the tweaking wt ever she looks like dosent matter bcz thats not who she really is and this tweaking never stops,where does it end?she looks more and more horrible.the but thigh line,upper lip a case of deformity(do u know they do corrective surgeries to fix the flaw she has pronounced in herself by lip increase if young children are born with it),her horrible colour and horrible cleavage.For such a thin woman she has a disturbing cleavage.For information if you loose wait it also translates into loss of breast size.Horrible woman.

  • avatar Alli says:

    Of course I hate her for looking like that at the age of 51! I don’t exactly like her in the millionaire matchmaker but let’s face it, if we had money we would do it too! Just admit it! Maybe not get as much as what she has had done but deffo enough to look good and still 95% human!! 🙂 All the “The Real House Wives” look as good as they do due to MONEY. so yes each & every one of us CAN look drop dead gorgeous if we had the cash like these guys.
    I would reduce my boobs too! People just don’t get it… so I totally understand why she did it.

    • avatar anne says:

      I wont.It hurts,ALOT.It only shows that one is insecure and to a pathological level to get such evasive procedures.Every surgery caries a risk that u wont wake up from the anesthesia and such implants etc carry a great risk of tears,pains and cancers inducement.

  • avatar melinda says:

    I think she looks beautiful,and I’m glad she found a new love.

  • avatar karina says:

    I don’t think she is one bit insecure. Have you noticed she speaks what’s in her mind?? How many people actually do that? Yes, I would let a single women be my matchmaker. What I care is her success rate. I think people should be more like Patti & not feel like you have to constantly “sensor” yourself when you speak, because of how judgemental people are!

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