Yes, Even The Rock Has Had Liposuction


The Rock Plastic SurgeryDon’t harbor any inaccurate fantasies about The Rock’s ripped physique – he had liposuction too. Yes, it’s true, even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has fallen victim to Hollywood’s obsession with the perfect image, and had liposuction done on his chest because he thought it was starting to look too big. Back in 2005, The Rock went under the knife for a lipoplasty to correct a case of pseudogynecomastia, which is a fancy word for a condition in which excess fat builds up in the male breast. The Rock may like breasts, but certainly not on himself. So, long story short, he had the fat sucked out by a plastic surgeon.

Most people would be surprised to find The Rock on a list of celebrities who have had plastic surgery, although we have to give him at least a little credit for being open about his plastic surgery and not trying to pass his body off as natural or pretending it was medically necessary. In fact, he even admits, “It was an aesthetic thing. I went in and showed the doctor, and he said, ‘Are you crazy?’ I was walking around with my shirt off all the time, so I had it done.” There’s nothing worse than a celebrity constantly in the public eye undergoing an obvious procedure and then claiming it never happened, thus raising the bar for unattainable perfection that much more.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson before and after liposuction:
the rock before and after liposuction

The process of undergoing plastic surgery is typically not pretty, but liposuction seems like one of the more unpleasant procedures. When liposuction is performed, a hollow needle called a cannula is used to remove the excess fat through small incisions in the desired area. The cannula is hooked up to a vacuum device, and as the needle passes over the fatty tissue of the breast, it breaks up and suctions out the unwanted fat. Yes, the fat is literally sucked out with a vacuum. You’d think this would be a last resort for most people, but the truth is that hundreds of thousands of Americans undergo liposuction every year, an illustrious club that now includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We knew those impressive pecs of his couldn’t be real!

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