Elin Nordegren’s New Breast Implants Have Tiger Woods Attention


Do you remember Elin Nordegren? She is the gorgeous ex-wife of golf legend Tiger Woods, who infamously cheated on her with several women and subsequently paid out over $100 million dollars to her in their divorce settlement.

Swedish-born Elin was a nanny/model when she married Tiger, but after being humiliated by Tiger’s numerous indiscretions with trashy women and several pornstars, Elin will never have to work another day in her life thanks to a huge divorce settlement. Recently, Elin and Tiger are back in the news with rumors swirling that Tiger is trying to win back Elin with promises of a $200 million dollar pre-nup, if she agrees to marry him (Hmmm. Either romance is dead or Tiger just gets off on buying woman, right?). Oddly enough, this proposal comes at a time when it appears that Elin is fresh off a new breast augmentation surgery and is currently looking slightly pornstar-ish herself…

Elin Nordegren before and after new breast implants?
Elin Nordegene before and after boob job

Obviously Tiger Woods has a type, and let me tell you, unless you have big fake boobs, you are not Tiger’s type. And if you have even more plastic surgery, bonus! Many of Tiger’s mistresses even got plastic surgery on Tiger’s dime such as Jamie Jungers who admits that she spent his money on liposuction.

A gallery of some of the woman that Tiger cheated on Elin with:

Elin had Tiger bait breast implants before marrying Tiger Woods, but it looks as though she has recently had them redone and has gone up a size. She is now sporting some very large, very fake looking boobs and you have to wonder…Is she trying to get back at Tiger, or lure him in for round two? Reportedly Elin didn’t exactly turn down Tiger’s $200 million dollar proposal, and instead made a counteroffer of $200 million plus a $350 million cheating clause. Is it just me, or does it seem like these two were made for each other? Maybe the bigger breast implants were part of their reconciliation negotiations…

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