What Exactly Happened To Hilary Duff’s Face?!


Hilary Duff has been laying low since giving birth to her son last year, but she showed up in Beverly Hills yesterday looking like this:


So we can’t help but to ask…Hilary, WTF happened to your face?! Actually, we know what happened to Hilary’s face (bad plastic surgery), but why in the world would a pretty young girl like Hilary Duff get such a silly looking lip augmentation? Does anyone really think this is attractive or an improvement of any sort?

Hilary Duff before and after lip injections:
Hilary Duff Lip Augmentation

This isn’t Hilary Duff’s first time dabbling with cosmetic procedures and in 2005, she was mocked in the media and by fans after getting veneers that many thought were too large and fake looking. But adding fish lips to the horse teeth really isn’t helping anything, Hilary! Like many child stars, Hilary has probably struggled with growing up in the limelight and is possibly trying to shed her sugary sweet Disney image, but perhaps she should change her style, or shave her head (ala Miley Cyrus), rather then continue down the path of bad plastic surgery. Trust us, growing out your hair is much easier than removing chemical fillers from your face!

The 25-year old actress is set to guest star on the show “Raising Hope” next month, so hopefully Hilary’s lip augmentation will settle down in the next few weeks and she will look less swollen and unnatural when filming starts. Hopefully!

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