Jane Seymour’s Plastic Surgery Confessions


Jane Seymour 2013In November 2012, Jane Seymour admitted to having undergone cosmetic surgery, although she thankfully took the route few female celebrities do and went with subtle changes instead of destroying her naturally pretty face with Botox and loads of bad plastic surgery. The former Bond girl and star of the popular 90s show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman actually did opt for Botox at one point, but she didn’t care for it, and she now claims that she is proud of her wrinkles – she’s earned them. In addition to Botox, Seymour also had the top and bottom of her eyes done and got a boob job many years ago after giving birth to her first two children, although she says that the implants were so small her plastic surgeon had to “special order them.”

In a revealing interview with the 61-year-old actress, Jane Seymour finally spills the beans about her plastic surgery and admits to having breast implants and a blepharoplasty, in which the bags below her eyes were removed (something she says everyone in her family has had done). She denied ever having a facelift however, saying that her wrinkles give her face character. “As an actress, you mess with that at your peril. I think the good thing about my face is it has always been expressive. With Botox that goes – not what you want as an actress.” In fact, Seymour talks about an actress in a movie directed by her husband who was unable to perform in a scene because “she had Botoxed herself and nothing moved.” Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm these days.

Jane Seymour may be one of the few Hollywood stars left who doesn’t get Botox regularly to smooth out wrinkles or undergo a facelift in an attempt to recapture her youth. “When I see people on television and nothing is moving and their eyebrows are up near the corner of their head, I think ‘How can they do this? They’re destroying their expression,'” said the mother of six. It’s obvious that Jane Seymour has a healthy self-image and doesn’t feed into the tragic plastic surgery-obsessed world of Hollywood. She wasn’t even afraid to bare it all as Mrs. “Kitty Cat” Clearly in Wedding Crashers at the age of 54. When asked if she used a body double in the nude scene with Owen Wilson, she responded, “Hell no. Anyone crazy enough to ask me at 54 to show my body deserves it.”

Pictures of Jane Seymour before and after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Gerard says:

    She does look great, saw her on Ben and Kate and the wrinkles actually enhanced her appearance, made her character seem very strong and confident.

    You go, Jane!!

  • avatar BlueStateRedhead says:

    She does look great and so do all women who age naturally. And a bonus to all is that they are recognizable.

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