Eddie Cibrian Bought Brandi Glanville a New Vagina


brandi glanville bikini 2011In typical “Real Housewives” fashion, Brandi Glanville continues to get older, continues to get plastic surgery and desperately tries to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

Brandi is currently on tour promoting her memoir, “Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders”, which really is just a detailed account of what everyone already knows: Her husband cheated on her with Leann Rimes and she’s had a lot of plastic surgery. The 40-year old former model turned “Real Housewife” has always been honest about her plastic surgery and has openly talked about her breast implants, Botox and filler injections before, but she decided to reveal one more cosmetic procedure in her book, and recounts undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery. After undergoing the intense surgery, Brandi decided to bill her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and put the $12,000 surgery on his credit card. According to Brandi:

This pretty intense surgery had an even more intense price tag: $12,000…I decided that since Eddie had ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one. I gave [the doctor’s office] Eddie’s credit card number.

Brandi recently revealed in an interview that she rates Eddie “a 9 in the bedroom”, but a vagina ruiner? That’s perhaps too much information, Brandi…

We don’t know Brandi biblically, so we can’t speak for the outcome of the vaginal rejuvenation surgery, but we’re not really fans of what the filler injections and Botox have done to the reconstructed housewife’s face. Her cheeks are too round and over-filled and her face lacks genuine emotion. In our opinion, she would be much more beautiful if she weened herself off of the plastic surgeon’s needle!

Brandi Glanville before and after plastic surgery:
Brandi Glanville before plastic surgery

More pictures of Brandi Glanville:

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  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    I totally agree. But one thing she’s got going for her are those abs. Girl has definitely been doing her crunches!

  • avatar Cat says:

    Those aren’t abs – that’s a toneless lipo-stomach – abs leave definition, not flapping skin

  • avatar Bill says:

    What idiot would cheat on her with Leeann Rimes? This girl is hot. Her husband must be dumb as a box of rocks.

    • avatar cati says:

      Oooor maybe she’s just a bitch who he got tired of? Ever think of that? Hot is not always a reason to stay with someone, obviously.

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