Nicole Kidman Is Still Telling Half-Truths About Her Plastic Surgery


Remember back in 2007, when Nicole Kidman swore up and down that she had never had any cosmetic surgery? Nicole’s denial was borderline comical coming from a face that had very obviously seen a lot of action from a plastic surgeon.

Nicole Kidman in 2007:
Nicole Kidman plastic surgery denial

Well, Nicole Kidman is at it again. This time admitting that she was lying when she formerly denied having “nothing in my face or anything”, but she is now, according to Nicole, truly “completely natural”. When asked what her beauty secrets are, Nicole told Italian magazine, “La Repubblica”:

No surgery for me. I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again…I tried it, I didn’t like it, so I’ve gone back to my own forehead. But I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face. People say I have but I haven’t.

The 45-year old actress then went on to cite sunscreen, a healthy lifestyle and staying fit as the true secrets to her fresh-faced appearance and flawless complexion.

Nicole Kidman before and after magical sunscreen application, and now:
Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery pictures

Perhaps Nicole lives in some sort of acting-induced fantasy world, but in addition to the Botox that she has sort of confessed to, she has clearly forgotten about the filler injections, lip augmentation and boob job that has also been included in her beauty routine. Sorry Nicole, but the lying about obvious plastic surgery is a pet peeve of mine. I would have much more respect for someone that simply pleads the fifth or replies with “I’d rather not comment” when asked about something they would rather not disclose, such as their plastic surgery history.

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  • avatar Jody says:

    Do these people think we are blind????? They are in the business of having their picture taken over the years. We compare them, why don’t they? Oh, and you didn’t mention the nose job. She doesn’t even remotely resemble the person she used to be.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Waaaa Waaaa!!! I love how all the celebs stick to their stories of eating right and exercizing and how they just magically stay looking young…. They are all liars… they are actors for a living so lying comes natually to them. However, we the people are not fooled. I know chasing my kids around doesn’t keep me looking like I haven’t eaten in months… come on folks just keep it real. Drop the mic….

  • avatar Simey Smiles says:

    Are you kidding? I think she is a clone of Veronica Lake on the way to a facsimile of Joan Rivers (whom I adore any way she looks). Anyway, rumour is she passed Tom on the way out from a Scientology session, and Tom didn’t recognise her. Aaaarghhhhh.

  • avatar Simey Smiles says:

    That last photo is NOT Nicole Kidman. Stupid! That is Jack Nicholson mid make up for the role of the Joker in one of the Batman movies. Da da, da da, da da, da da, Da da, da da, da da… Holy Smokes, Batman. I think the the Joker has been on the steroids a little too much. No, Robin. That’s Nicole Kidman.

    B A T M A N!

  • avatar MR says:

    In 2007 she clearly had plastic surgery (on her face). Your eyebrows may have the “surprised look” after botox, though her cheeks are more prominent, lips, etc.
    Stars deserve to have some privacy, though she makes millions. Can’t feel too sorry for her.
    Still very pretty.

  • avatar joe says:

    this is not young looking this is “whatever happened to baby jane” looking

  • avatar Nicole Fan says:

    The 45-year old actress then went on to cite sunscreen, a healthy lifestyle and staying fit as the true secrets to her fresh-faced appearance and flawless complexion.

    Not so much fresh-faced as wind-blown.

    I love her…I really do. But I wish she’d quit with the uglification.

  • avatar x says:

    Nicole Kidman will go down in history as one of the greatest pathological liars Hollywood has ever seen.

  • avatar Robin Corr says:

    She should have left well enough alone! It’s obviously several procedures that were done; and by the way, botox does not firm skin, it relaxes it and wrinkles are less visible. botox is a toxin that can kill you. stay away from botox. I feel bad for Nicole. She was much prettier before.

  • It continually amazes me as to why these movie people continually butcher their faces. The actresses of old aged gracefully without all these ‘ enhancements’ and in turn were the better for it. They don’t seem to realize that aging naturally will look much better than the clownish, freakish results that all these different procedures induce. It’s sad how truly insecure these people are, but what’s more sad is those people in the public that hang on their every word and idolize these shallow, hollow people.

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