Bad Plastic Surgery Has Left Lil Kim Unrecognizable


Kimberly “Lil’ Kim” Jones has come a long way since she dropped her record making album, ‘HardCore’, in 1996 and it appears that she is breaking a different kind of record nowadays. The 38-year old rapper, and obvious fan of plastic surgery, stepped out in Hollywood this week debuting yet another reinvention of her face. Lil Kim has had an incredulous amount of plastic surgery over the years and she has started to rival the poster children of bad plastic surgery: Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein and Joan Rivers.

Little Kim before and after plastic surgery:
Lil Kim WTF Plastic Surgery Face

Due to the over-abundance of plastic surgery that she has undergone, not only does Lil Kim no longer resemble her original self (in any way!), but you would be hard pressed to even guess her ethnicity if you didn’t know who she was.

So what has Lil’ Kim had done and where did she go wrong with the plastic surgery? She started back in 2000 with a nose job, breast implants and liposuction, and she should have stopped there! Unfortunately she did not and since then has had several more nose jobs, plus an implant to rebuild the bridge of her nose after it collapsed, as well as an eyelift/blepharoplasty, filler injections in her cheeks and lips, Botox, additional boob jobs, more liposuction and recently she got butt implants to boot. The mask-like appearance of her face is likely due to the eyelift, Botox and filler injections, but it’s possible that she has had a facelift as well. I would like to think a plastic surgeon would turn away anyone in their 30’s requesting a facelift, but money talks and Lil’ Kim has that going for her.

A photographic timeline of Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgery transformation:
Little Kim Plastic Surgery Through The Years

I can’t imagine what Lil’ Kim thinks when she looks in the mirror and then schedules yet another cosmetic surgery, but if she looks like this in her 30’s, I don’t even want to think about how bad all of this plastic surgery is going to look in just 10 years. And you cant help but to wonder…What exactly happened to Lil’ Kim that she paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to look the way that she does now? Body dysmorphia? Bad plastic surgeon? Or, is the rapper just addicted to plastic surgery?

More pictures of Lil’ Kim before plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Taylor says:

    She should have stopped in 2009… She’s actually quite frightening. I wonder what she thinks when she looks in the mirror?

    • avatar sparkles says:

      You look like hot mess you dumb nasty ass bitch you say that nicki minaj is fake and your not? Hummmm?what goes around comes around whoes the fake hoe now you are lil kim you fat ass karma is a bitch bitch suck it you fake hoe

      • avatar Flychick300 says:

        What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! Lil Kim was the original black Barbie,so you can go some where and listen to your ratchet ass nicki minaj music cause lil Kim ain’t do nothin too you! You have no taste in music she is the realist rapper right along with Missy Elliot,Mc lyte and Left Eye! You need to listen too some 90’s music cause this music now is making you have no taste in music!

      • avatar Flychick300 says:

        Yes sparkles I’m callin you out bitch,hope karma come back on you cause you listen to ratchet ass music bitch!

    • avatar Ashlyn says:

      I agree! Up til then she was looking great! Plastic surgery went really bad after 2009! Awful! She looks horrible!

  • avatar Dotz says:

    My goodness. Who implanted walnuts in her cheeks?

  • avatar sara says:

    How very sad that this woman has done this to herself on purpose to attain something that she will never be able to reach. If I hadn’t seen the transformation timeline, I would never believe either of those photos above are her.

  • avatar aaliyah says:

    Lil kim looked the BEST IN 2001!!!! She looks Chinese NOW!!!! Y kim o y??????!?!?

  • avatar nash A4 says:

    Work of the DEVIL….what a sad thing

  • avatar Raze says:

    I think she looks way better. She should have stopped at the 2009 picture though. She was never pretty, always “hard” and manly looking. At least now she looks like a female.

  • avatar Jennifer Matthews says:

    It looks like she had golf balls implanted in her cheeks.

  • avatar fran says:

    she looks like a mixture of latoya and janet WOW

  • avatar NickRoversrulev says:

    Freak show! Why? What doctor are you using? Used to be beautiful!

  • avatar Cate says:

    Looks like Kim K in a few years.

  • avatar carter says:

    Now She Really aint da badest bitch lmao its ova wit

  • avatar Ami says:

    So many years of being abused, talked about, berated for her skin tone and compared to other women have had their toll on her. And this is the result of her self esteem.

    I feel really sorry for her. 🙁

  • avatar Shayna says:

    I saw her on TV the other night where that guy does parties and such for celebrities and she was calling herself the “Queen” wanting a fancy baby shower.. I could NOT believe my eye’s..She looks like a FREAK, I mean she could barely talk she has had so many cosmetic procedure’s.. Definitely cheek implants, and EVERY procedure she could get to her face.. She used to be a true beautiful woman.. Guess she is nothing but vain and showing that she has lots of money, but lots poorly spent…The only “Queen” she is to me is the Queen of plastic surgery. Is she trying to look like she belongs to the Jackson family or something

  • avatar Sierra says:

    I think she didn’t need the plastic,she was pretty already.

  • avatar Latrice says:

    Wow Lil Kim was pretty just the way she was in the beginning. I dont recognize her at all. There was nothing wrong with her. She evidentally didnt like the way she looked. She made the changes for her. Who knows when she was younger someone may have made her feel like she was no beautiful and she felt like this was the way to go.

  • avatar ... says:

    the last photo looks like her nose is taped up to the ceiling

  • avatar yawoli says:

    This is pretty said and all of her doctors need to be sued, who is this woman?????

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