Is Jenny McCarthy Having a Mid-Life Crisis?


Jenny McCarthy mid-life meltdownWhat do you get when you combine a pretty former-Playboy playmate with suddenly being single on your 40th birhtday? Apparently, it is the catalyst for an epicly bad mid-life crisis! Our case is point is Jenny McCarthy and her bizarre behavior as of late.

Jenny McCarthy shot to fame in the early 90’s thanks to a Playboy spread and a pair of breast implants. Shortly after, Jenny’s larger than life personality and sense of humor landed her a hosting gig on MTV’s “Singled Out” which made it easier for her to cross over into mainstream acting. She has since acted in a handful of movies and television shows, as well as written several books. And just when you think one of your favorite stars from the 90’s is aging well and behaving like a normal person, BAM…A mid-life crisis hits and they unleashed a whole bunch of crazy.

In 2010, Jenny and Jim Carrey ended their five year long relationship and that seems to be where things started to go a little haywire for Jenny. At 39, she then decided to up-size her implants and pose for Playboy’s July/August 2012 issue. Then, came the unfortunately bad plastic surgery that Jenny McCarthy had done to her face. After Jenny appeared on ‘Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve’ in Decemeber, our inbox was flooded with inquiries from fans wondering what happened to Jenny’s face.

Jenny McCarthy before and after bad plastic surgery:
Jenny Mccarthy plastic surgery 2013

Jenny has talked about her love of Botox for years, but too much Botox combined with too much filler has left her face looking overdone and oddly shaped. (Is it just me or do the round golfball cheeks make her forehead look extra long and flat?!). And god forbid that the animated comedian try to make one of her kooky faces after all of those face altering injectables…

Jenny McCarthy hosting ‘Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve’:
Jenny McCarthy Crazy Face

So, yes, most aging stars get plastic surgery and it all doesn’t turn out well, but Jenny is compounding the bad plastic surgery with behavior more fit for a 20-year old, than a 40-year old. There was the grabbing of Justin Beiber’s butt at the American Music Awards, followed by cougar rape jokes on Twitter, desperate comments about Bradley Cooper’s balls (and her own personal grooming habits) and Jenny has decided to commemorate this whole big schabang of a mid-life crisis with a bad foot tattoo, which she got on a whim during the Superbowl blackout.

Jenny McCarthy’s new foot tattoo:
Jenny McCarthy foot tattoo

Or, maybe Jenny McCarthy is smarter than we are giving her credit for and is using the new foot tattoo to draw attention and cameras from her face to her foot? Perhaps the bad plastic surgery will settle in by the time the paparazzi tire of taking pictures of her foot. In the meantime, perhaps Jenny should keep a lower profile before her crazy antics combined with her crazy face, ruin what could be left of her career. VH1 has signed Jenny on for her own talk show, “The Jenny McCarthy Show” which premiered on February 8th. Will you watch, or is Jenny’s newly refurbished face too distracting?

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