MTV’s “True Life: I’m Getting Unusual Plastic Surgery”


While tattoo culture crossed over into the mainstream years ago, body mods and plastic surgery are also becoming socially acceptable ways for people to express themselves. Like tattoos, body mods and plastic surgery permanently alter your body, but they can actually be much more difficult to hide or erase than that tribal tramp stamp or ex-girlfriends name tattooed across your butt.

For example, check out this episode of MTV’s True Life:

True Life

This episode of “True Life” is titled: “I’m Getting Unusual Plastic Surgery” and follows two very different people undergoing two unusual plastic surgeries. Louie is a heavily tattooed guy that decided to take it a step further into body mods. As a guy in his early 20’s, seeking attention, Louie decided to get two large silicon implants in his forehead to look like budding horns growing out of his face. Not surprisingly, the constant attention caused by the horns started to wear on Louie and MTV followed his decision to have the silicon implants removed after he grew weary of trying to cover them up with hoodies.

Louie before having his horns removed:
Man with Silicon Horn Body Mods

The other person that stars on this episode of “True Life: I’m Getting Unusual Plastic Surgery” is Salome, who is seeking a Brazilian Butt Lift in an attempt to boost her confidence with a bigger booty and some liposuction. After moving to Miami, Salome, feels like she needs plastic surgery to live up to the bootilicious beauty ideals of South Beach. In a fleeting moment of guilt, Salome considers that her plastic surgery may be a negative influence on her impressionable younger sisters. But, alas, vanity trumps all and she goes ahead with the intense liposuction and fat transfer surgery. Wrapped in blood-soaked bandages and moaning in pain, Salome admits that she has never felt intense pain like she did after having the surgery, and admits that in addition to the liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift, she also got breast implants. So will Salome live happily ever after now that she has bigger boobs and a bigger butt? Or, will she be back on MTV in 10 years starring in, “True Life: I Regret My Unusual Plastic Surgery”. It’s not a far stretch from the truth as that is exactly what happened to Sha Ross, who had plastic surgery to look like Pamela Anderson under the watchful camera of MTV.

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