Are The Munchies to Blame For Octomom’s Weight Gain?


Nadya “Octomom” Suleman spent Valentine’s Day taking off her clothes for dollar bills at a strip club in Florida, where she showed off some serious weight gain!

Nadya Suleman before and after gaining weight:
Images Censored – NSFW – Click for image

After Nadya’s recent stint in rehab to kick a xanax addiciton, she acquired a medical marijuana card and has been noshing on edible pot-laden cookies in order to cope with her life. Nadya admits to eating the stoner edibles while she is home alone with her 14 kids and also while on the road for paid appearances. Soooo…that’s a whole lot of pot brownies! Maybe eating bakery goods in order to get high is not the best idea for someone that is contracted into taking her clothes off on stage? Or maybe Nadya gained the weight as a passive aggressive form of revenge against the strip club that she has been in a legal battle with?

Octomom was sued by T’s Lounge after backing out of a stripping gig last year, and her 2013 Valentines Day strip tease at T’s was part of the deal that they worked out in order to have the strip club drop the breach of contract lawsuit. Octomom was reportedly paid $20,000 to do four topless striptease shows on February 14th – 16th.

Octomom then and now:
Images Censored – NSFW – Click for image

Octomom has adamantly denied having any plastic surgery, but it’s obvious that she lied about that the fact that her stomach, that was stretched out to here housing 8 babies, is flat-as-a-board even after she gains weight, is a telltale sign of a tummy tuck. Not to mention, all of the other numerous cosmetic surgery procedures that she has obviously also had.

Plastic surgery aside, what do you think of Octomom’s new look? Is she better thin and on welfare or thick and on weed?

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