Brandi Vs Adrienne: The Claws Come Out Over Plastic Surgery


The catfight between Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof doesn’t seem to be cooling off as the two “Real Housewives” can’t seem to stop themselves from taking a dig at one another. Most recently, the feud has turned personal as the two reality stars have taken to trash-talking each others appearances and plastic surgery.

After Adrienne took a dig at Brandi’s vanity by say that she “didn’t have the money for anything but plastic surgery“, Brandi retaliated by stating that Adrienne “clearly has had more [plastic surgery] than all of us combined and is either getting it free or at a discounted rate. It shows in the work…“. Ouch. Both Adrienne and Brandi have obviously had their fair share of plastic surgery, but is either one of them in any position to be critiquing each others plastic faces/bodies?

Brandi Glanville versus Adrienne Maloof – Who has the better plastic surgery?
Brandi versus Adrienne Catfight

Up until recently, Adrienne was married to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, and has obviously taken full advantage of having free plastic surgery at her disposal. But, Adrienne is also 11 years older than Brandi, so who’s to say that 40-year old Brandi won’t look the same or worse than Adrienne when she hits 50? Trust us, all of these plastic housewives tend to look the same by 50! Pot calling the kettle black much, Brandi?

The outspoken Brandi is certainly not looking to make friends with her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast mates and when talking about them on Howard Stern’s talk show, she recently commented that “they are just cunts“.

I think it’s safe to say that money can’t buy you class…But it will buy you as much plastic surgery as you want! Right ladies?



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