Michelle Obama Causes a Stir With Her “Mid-Life Crisis Bangs”


For those of you suffering from a mid-life crisis who just can’t bring yourselves to get plastic surgery, why not splurge for some bangs? Hey, if it worked for Michelle Obama, it can work for anyone. During a recent interview on the Rachael Ray Show, the First Lady joked about her new, “drastic” ‘do being a substitute for the more traditional crises of non-presidential middle-aged people – like going bungee jumping, buying a sports car or getting plastic surgery. Michelle debuted the new look on her 49th birthday, which happened to fall just a few days before the president’s second inauguration in January.

Michelle Obama before and after her “mid-life crisis” bangs:
Michelle Obama Haircut/Bangs Before and After

Obviously, Barack and the secret service weren’t about to let Michelle jump off a cliff, and we can’t even imagine what kind of backlash there would be if she opted for plastic surgery (considering something as simple as her getting a haircut is being compared to the major political scandal of the Nixon-era, Watergate.) So, when she turned 49, she got bangs instead. As they say, the Watergate scandal had such an impact on the national and international consciousness that many scandals (political or not) since Watergate have been assigned the suffix “gate.” Hence Michelle Obama’s “bangs-gate.”

In a day and age when deciding to get plastic surgery is about as easy for some people as deciding what to wear or what to eat for lunch, it’s kind of refreshing that Michelle Obama caused such a national ruckus by simply trading in her signature bob for a younger, banged hairstyle. No facelift, no boob job, no lip injections; the First Lady is au naturale, and her shoulder-length cut and feathery bangs only augment her naturally pretty facial features. “I couldn’t get a sports car,” the First Lady joked in her Rachael Ray interview, “So instead, I cut my bangs.” Mid-life crisis or not, the bangs seem to be a big hit.

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