Kate Upton Before And After Photoshop


Last month Kate Upton joined an elite league of supermodels by gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, two years in a row. In the last 50 years, only 9 models have been featured on the cover more than once, and only 5 have appeared on the cover in consecutive years.

Kate Upton on the cover of the 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition:
Kate Uptons Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Covers

Kate Upton’s career exploded in 2011 when she became the face of Guess and appeared for the first time in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, where she was named “Rookie of the Year” for that issue. The voluptuous model quickly developed a large fan base, but more recently she had been plagued with controversy. The two most common things we hear about Kate is, “Her breasts are fake!” and “Why is she famous? She’s totally overrated!”. And while we firmly believe that Kate Upton’s breasts are real, after seeing her pictures before photoshop, we can see why people think she’s overrated. She’s really making those photographers and Photoshoppers work overtime in order to make her look as good as she does in magazines!

Kate Upton before and after Photoshop:
Kate Upton Before and After Photoshop

The 20-year old model has packed on close to 20 pounds since her career took off, and while Kate still looks okay with a little extra weight on her, it’s extremely frustrating for the photographers when a model shows up to a shoot out of shape. It is then up to the photographer to do all of the work to shoot at flattering angles, find poses/props that hide the extra pounds and spending extra time on retouching the pictures with Photoshop, in order to make them print ready.

Luckly for Kate Upton, when she gains weight, most of it goes straight to her moneymakers! Since she has gained weight, there has been a resurgence of the “Kate Upton got a boob job!” rumors, but we still don’t believe it. Kate looks completely natural, big boobs and all!

More pictures of Kate Upton before the magic of Photoshop:

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  • avatar katy says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way she looks before photoshop! Thats probably close to how I and many other women look… thanks for making me feel insecure guys!

    • avatar BobinPowell says:

      You let comments from total strangers who have no clue as to what you even look like “make” you feel insecure? If so, you’ve got some real issues.

  • avatar 18thCenturyFox says:

    I am no Kate Upton fan, but this is totally unfounded criticism. She has not gained any weight and the photoshopping is minimal- which really surprised me. She is not out of shape, looks no different and if any thing the unretouched are obvious proof of this. Total non story. Thanks for making me defend Upton. I feel like bullshit criticism like this is what drives women to seek the ridiculous picture of “perfection” that rightfully lands them on this site. What the hell.

  • avatar audreychaplin says:

    if they would put her in a bikini that fits she would look great, but anyone wearing clothes 3 sizes too small for them is going to appear bigger than they are

  • avatar Lily says:

    I agree she is totally overrated. Beautiful face, nice boobs (Definitely real) but overrated body. Very wide midsection, no butt, no waist to speak of, and her legs aren’t shapely. In otherwise, she doesn’t have “curves”, just large breasts. She’s not stick-thin, but that doesn’t mean she has a great body or is curvy. Run way models who are thin get criticism all the time for not being curvy. Kate’s no different, she just has large breasts. So basically, just give the runway models breast implants, and everything will be all good, since that’s the only thing Kate has going for her.

    • avatar Fx2T says:

      100% on point!

    • avatar shit dick says:

      absolutely 100% on point. She’s got a pretty face, and some big titties because she doesn’t starve herself, that’s about it. No butt, no real curves, just some pudge. She is looking a little pudgy though, especially for someone who is marketed so hard as a super model. She’ll cry when she hits her 30’s and will tack on about 50 lbs.

  • avatar Candice says:

    Theres no doubt that Kate is gorgeous. But if you look at photos of her from just last year, her breast have grown by leaps and bounds. Nobodys breast go from a full droppy C to a DD round and high. Sorry, but anyone with two eyes and a lap top can see she had implants recently.

    • avatar mel says:

      there are no way her boobs are fake… my boobs go up almost a full size when i’m on my period. and i’d say in the before picture they just look swollen and uncomfortable… so maybe it was just that time of the month. she’s clearly packed on some pounds, but hey she looks like a healthy model!

    • avatar shit dick says:

      anyone who’s played with more then a few sets of titties can tell you that those are clearly real, and that they have gotten bigger with the weight she’s gained. Her boobs never look round and high unless she’s in a push up bra or very supportive bathing suit top designed to enhance cleavage. you need you gain more boob experience. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.

  • avatar Delilah says:

    I feel bad for what I’m about to write. . .

    She’s a skinny girl with large saggy breasts and a chunky midsection. It’s nice to see a model with a more realistic looking figure, but I’d find a curvy hourglass or pear shaped woman far more attractive. She has a beautiful face, but her body is not going to age well. She already looks like she’s had a baby. 🙁 Sorry!

    • avatar shit dick says:

      nothing to feel bad about when you are just stating the truth. She’s basically your average college girl who packed on the freshman 25 and was blessed with big boobs from her genetics and diet. pretty face, big, but not perky or firm boobs. flat backside and no hips.

      • avatar I Am Me says:

        Excuse me? I don’t know what your expectations are for a woman but from the looks of what you have written, it looks like your ideal is impossible. If you think her boobs are “saggy” it tells me that you have grown up in a place where boob jobs are all you’ve seen because I don’t know if you are aware but the bigger breasts are, the less perky they become. You really need to grow up because a) you’re username tells me that you are 12 years old and b) your criticism of Kate Upton makes me wonder if you’ve ever seen a naked girl other than the ones you masturbate to on your computer because the photo that you’re criticizing is what REAL people and REAL boobs look like. And if you are expecting a girl to look like a supermodel then you better have a fucking remarkable resemblance to Channing Tatum.

  • avatar lily says:

    I’ve also noticed how in the second pic, they had her wear a jacket to cover up the fact that she doesn’t have a waist-line. It seems that SI is paying attention to what people are saying.

  • avatar james says:

    i think she look better in the second cover photo when shes not as skinny, girls dont need to be stick thin i think its more attractive with some more curves

  • avatar bookbabe says:

    A 20-lb. weight gain is exactly what I’d guessed, and “pudgy” is exactly the word I’ve used. I’ve said precisely what Lily and Shit Dick say above: no waist, weird torso, and thick, thick, thick with the weight gain. No curves – “curves” are an hourglass figure. She has big boobs. I’m gald I’m not the only one who sees it. And I’m sorry, but she does look fat at this higher weight. She could stand to lose 15 lbs. Oh, and the boobs are real. As a natural 34DD myself, I assure you, they are real. I saw some older fashion photos of her from Vogue, and they were great – she had “it” – movement, energy, a special something in the eye, and she does have a beautiful face. With the right styling, she doesn’t look so common. I would love to see her lost a little weight and do more fashion. She could do better than all the “cheesecake” spreads.

  • avatar Mayday says:

    Honestly, she is not very attractive. Big, gross, saggy tits, saggy, flat ass and thick midsection. What the f*#! is so fantastic about her again???

  • avatar Paige says:

    For a 20 year old girl, her body and face are both terrible.

    • avatar Jack says:

      Obviously coming from a jealous ugly girl. Kate Upton is more attractive than you’ll ever be, and you just need to accept that.

      • avatar Sandy says:

        I doubt she’s jealous, Jack. There’s not much to be jealous of with Kate. Bad body, pretty but still average face. The majority of women look better than Kate.

  • avatar Beautiful Butterfly says:

    I do have to agree that she looks very boring and uneventful. She isn’t really model material in my opinion, but that doesn’t change the fact that the photoshop really isn’t that bad at all. Like audreychaplin mentioned if they would have given her the right bikini size in the first place then all they would have had to do is give her a waist and get rid of the cellulite which is a LOT better than what they do for a lot of other models. While it isn’t their fault that she’s apple shaped if they would have at least given her a better fitting bikini top (one about 3 cup sizes bigger than the one she has on)she would look way better in the originals.

  • avatar jess says:

    She’s too heavy to be a “model”. There is a reason for the title of model. Model represent an ideal.
    Ture, she is generally an attractive person, however she does not represnt an ideal.
    I actually find it sad that more people are not shocked by a model of this size. It reflects the state of our overweight and unhealthy society if people consider this an ideal model body. She is unfit and has flab. She obviously does not worked out nor eat properly. It is a fact that she is carrying excessive body weight. I do not need her to be a size 0, but I do not want to see flab on a model.

    If you want to be this size and are happy with it, then that’s your personal choice, but beyond the truth that she has beautiful natural breasts, there is nothing appealing about her figure.
    It’s not toned or shapely.
    Her backside is not attractive at all (not a good butt).
    No hourglass figure.
    It only her breasts and bleached blonde hair that sell her. And the fact that she is still very young.
    Face: average. Overall body: below average.
    But her boobs move magazines, so I’m sure we will see more of her for a bit longer because of them alone. Still, unless she gets in shape, she will fade out of sight within the a year. If she tones up, she could really soar.
    I would LOVE to see her step up and promote health and beauty rather than be guttonous and promote greasy cheeseburgers (I can tell she’s eaton plenty of those)…but time will tell if she will become a classy women or just another piece of glorified white trash.

    • avatar Jack says:

      That is HORSE SHIT. Models don’t represent an ideal, they represent Anorexia. It’s because of people like you that most women are really insecure about their body weight. I’m glad Kate Upton isn’t buying into this type of bullshit.

    • avatar Jasmine says:

      You are right Jess. Runway model has to be thin. She is way to well…she isnt fat..but she is not thin…its just that her midsection is just weird which that makes her look fat?

      Anyways, she sign up to be a a thin model so she should keep her figure within model standards.

      If not she could of sign up for plus size modeling.

      idk why people always put the victim card with fat girls.

      THERE is a thing called plus size modeling so idk why some people say they feel insecure.

      point is either she needs to lose weight or continue to eat Mcdonalds and go to plus size modeling.

  • avatar Lauren L says:

    Kate is hot no matter what! Many women wish they were Kate Upton and could have her figure because she is healthy and beautiful! I love that she is not stick thin because she is representing a lot of women’s natural body shapes around the world today. Now, not everyone can have those breasts… but that’s a whole other story. She’s gorgeous whether she is 100 pounds or 180 pounds. Makes no difference to me… or to the people who admire her photos.

    • avatar Lily says:

      I don’t think that’s true, I don’t believe most women would want to look Kate. Most women want a nice butt (not flat, like Kate’s) perky breasts (not saggy, like Kate’s) shapely, long legs (not short and dumpy, like Kate’s) and a small waist with hips. In other words, women want to be shaped like an hour glass, not like a fridge, like Kate.

  • avatar Rangga says:

    In fact, she has a really great boob … Is that natural? Kate Upton might be so grateful to have it, She isso hot and beautiful

  • avatar nah says:

    I think her boobs are fake. I think she already naturally had large boobs, but got implants to enhance them and give them a nice shape and volume. Natural breasts do not look round at the top without push-up, like hers do.

  • avatar HollyweirdSucks says:

    Coming from a guy who doesn’t really care about looks, but brains (no I’m not gay)….She is pretty but I find her to be extremely overrated. Hollywood makes a huge nothing big hype over the ‘next thing’….she’ll be forgotten in 3 years, only for the new sick gimmick to take over. Yawn Hollywood….yawn “It” celebrities always fade.

  • avatar Larb says:

    I love the way she looks before photoshop, her “saggy” tits are perfect.
    Also, seems that who writted this, has no idea about photoshop, because a photoshop Before&After post, have to be the same photo, but edited and not edited, and that is not the same fucking photo.

  • avatar Drea says:

    She needs to wear clothes that actually fit as opposed to bathing suits that are clearly too small. It makes her look fat but she’s not that big. Honestly, not cute.

  • avatar drea says:

    Too bad she doesn’t have a pretty face. She’s a total buttaface, decent body, ugly face!

  • avatar Devin says:

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