Is Vicki Gunvalson Dealing With Stress By Getting More Plastic Surgery?


The original “Housewife”, Vicki Gunvalson, has had a rough couple of years. First she decided to end her 16 year marriage and then she found out that her daughter eloped and got married in Las Vegas! Within the last year Vicki also turned 50 and became a grandmother after her daughter Briana underwent an emergency c-section. So how is Vicki dealing with the stress in her life? With plastic surgery, apparently!

Vicki Gunvalson before and after plastic surgery:
Vicki Gundvalson plastic surgery 2013 chin implant

Immediately after getting divorced, Vicki spent $8,000 on a “divorce makeover” and underwent liposuction, Botox, filler injections and laser resurfacing treatments. More recently, Vicki’s face appears to have changed again and her fans want to know what she’s had done now.

Has Vicki Gunvalson had more plastic surgery?
Vicki Gunvalson chin implant

Vicki has obviously kept up with the filler and Botox injections and her cheeks are bigger than ever. Vicki also used to have a gummy smile, but it appears that she’s had a procedure to fix it at some point. The most noticeable change though, is her chin! It looks like the most recent plastic surgery this Vicki Gundvalson has undergone is a chin implant and/or a necklift. We’ve received several emails from “Real Housewives of Orange County” fans that insist that Vicki has had a chin implant, but it’s possible that her new look is the result of a necklift, which has defined her chin and jawline.

What do you think of Vicki’s new look? We think she looks great for 50, but we also think she should slow down on the plastic surgery before she over does it!

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