28-Year Old Woman Has Plastic Surgery After Disorder Causes Her To Look 80


Chinese woman with rare aging diseaseIt’s the same story we’ve all heard a million times: an aging woman gets plastic surgery to appear younger and feel better about herself. Except this time, the woman going under the knife looks 80, but she is actually only 28 years old. Apparently the Chinese woman, whose name is Hu Junhua, suddenly began to age dramatically seven years ago, shortly after giving birth to her son, and appears to be suffering from a mysterious condition that remains undiagnosed. So, since the doctors can’t figure out why she is aging, why not just throw plastic surgery at it, right?

According to Hu Junhua, her abnormally old appearance has had a negative impact on her confidence and has even affected her relationship with family members. “I dare not walk the streets and look into others’ eyes,” she said. “After I acquired the disease, I dare not look at myself in the mirror, and I can’t pick up my child from the school. Even my husband keeps his distance from me.” Well, as plenty of aging and unnaturally-young looking celebrities have proven, plastic surgery can fix all that! Or can it? We understand that rapidly aging to this degree would make anyone in their 20’s self-conscious, but personally I would be a bit more concerned with how this undiagnosed disease is effecting my body internally, and why a plastic surgeon would perform extensive cosmetic surgery on someone that is suffering from an unknown disease. But as usual, vanity trumps all and not only did a plastic surgeon agree to perform the multiple cosmetic procedures on Junhua, he also did it free of charge.

Based on the pictures released to the media, it appears that Junhua underwent a facelift, brow lift, blepharoplasty (eye lift), necklift and a procedure on her ears in January, yet there have been no pictures released of her after the plastic surgery makeover. Now, since there don’t seem to be any “after” pictures of this amazing rapidly aging Chinese woman, nor are there any dated pictures of her seven years ago before she supposedly began the rapid aging process, we’re going on her word here that she’s not simply an 80-year-old woman who is tired of looking 80…

More pictures of 28-year old Hu Junhua:

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  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    Wow, very sad story. Poor woman.

  • I was questioning about why no after photos were shown as well. Perhaps it is just a fake story. If it is real, I was very encouraged by the generosity of plastic surgeons! I am only 30 years old. Due to a postpartum physical crisis, I now look in my 60’s. Whereas merely four years ago, people couldn’t believe I was more than 21 year old. Total postpartum sleeplessness that came upon me when my daughter was five months old and lasted over two years caused early perimenopause at 28, more than 20 years early. All this caused very rapid aging. I understand how this woman feels. I often dread driving my daughter to and from school, though being a mom and everything it entails is something I have waited for all my life. The only way I am able to pick her up is by wearing sunglasses to cover my aged eyes. So, like this woman, I too can’t show my eyes to anyone. I wear my sunglasses day and night. I’ve become invisible and can no longer pursue romantic relationships and have lost my best friend as I look 30 years older than the men my age. Being trapped in your own body is the worst thing possible. I am hoping that if I am able to get my story and photos out there, a plastic surgeon will give me my life back too.

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