Nicki Minaj Thinks Wearing Different Color Makeup is “A Real Accomplishment”


Nicki Minaj is the cover model for the April 2013 “Elle” Magazine, where they claim to have given her a makeunder. The rapper is known for her over-the-top costumes, makeup and colorful wigs and she was photographed for the magazine looking less like a clown. But is that really a “makeunder”? In the Elle photos Nicki is wearing just as much makeup as usual, colored contacts and a long blonde weave.

Nicki Minaj’s Elle Makeunder:

So for Nicki’s “dramatic” Elle makeunder, they covered her in makeup in a more neutral tone. Hmm. That’s pretty unexciting, right? Well don’t tell that to Nicki, because she feels like this photoshoot was a real accomplishment. No, really. I’m not even kidding. According to Nicki:

To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol’ crazy lashes…you know, nothing…I felt naked. It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes!

Nicki Minaj before and after her makeunder:
Nicki Minaj Fake Makeunder

If someone is going to claim that they are going to give Nicki Minaj a makeunder, I envision it to be more like Cherry from “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”. I’m pretty sure that this is how a real Nicki Minaj makeunder would go…

Nicki Minaj has also been sounding off about the rumored plastic surgery that she has undergone and is adamantly denying having ANY plastic surgery…on her face at least. Nicki has collaborated with MAC makeup and is creating a buzz about her new makeup collection with the plastic surgery denial statements. Nicki may not have had plastic surgery above the neck, but she’s certainly not all natural. The rapper’s has had plastic surgery on her body and has had both breast and butt augmentation surgery. Check out the pictures of Nicki before and after plastic surgery here.

Regardless of Nicki’s weak “Elle” makeunder, we can appreciate Nicki’s new toned down look. The 30-year old rapper is actually quite naturally beautiful under all of those layers of makeup. Elle should have featured Nicki without any makeup at all, although it sounds like insecure Nicki would never let that happen.

Nicki Minaj without any makeupnicki-minaj-no-makeup

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  • avatar Get Ya life says:

    That very top picture wasn’t very necessary as every star in a magazine goes under crazy makeup and crazy photoshop.
    I think this makeunder was great because I miss the old Nicki From WAY BACK when no one hardly knew her. The one who would rap about real life and real raps. Dont get me wrong and dont take that out of needed proportion. Maybe this make under wouldnt make her just look natural but make her feel more natural.

  • avatar Stevie says:

    OMG that girl is such a LIAR! FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  • avatar Andrea says:

    And she calls herself a feminist LMAO

  • avatar Austin S says:

    First off, the photo shoot wasn’t about “less makeup” in the context your writing about. It was more of a “look” then actually having less makeup. It was about the colors, the neutral things. The nude color foundation thats not too glossy and the lip stick that isn’t too opaque. She’s always wore contacts… big whoop and who doesn’t wear eyeshadow? Again, the color is a gold-ish fleshy color which goes back to the “nude” type of look and the wig is more natural than colorful and shows the roots as a more neutral look also. Get off her back and stop writing lies when you obviously don’t have the facts straight.

  • avatar pogue says:

    nasty dog creature.
    stop posting pics of this butt ugly lump.

  • avatar pogue says:


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