The Shocking Transformation Of The Worlds Most Modified Woman


We’ve heard of lawyers being called blood sucking vampires before, but this is the first time we’ve seen a lawyer literally transform themselves into one! Meet former lawyer Maria Jose Cristerna, who has physically transformed herself into a vampire:

Maria Jose Cristerna is often referred to as the Mexican Vampire Woman:
Mexican vampire woman before and after body modification

The 36-year old decided to make a drastic life change when she left her law career behind to became a tattoo artist. And while you would think that that is when her vampire-inspired transformation began, she says that she feels her transformation began at age 12 when she got her first piercing. At age 12, Maria had her ears pierced with large gauge jewelry and started stretching her earlobes. At 14, Maria convinced her father to take her to get a tattoo and she got the first of many tattoos: a large black star on her shoulder. Twenty years later, Maria has nearly 50 piercings and her body is 95% covered in tattoos…and that is the tamest part of her transformation! In addition to the body art and piercings, she also has subdermal implants in her forehead (to give the appearance of horns), as well as in her chest and forearms. And who could call themselves a vampire without a vicious pair of fangs? Unlike less committed wannabe vampires, Maria’s fangs are permanent and are the result of cosmetic dentistry and implants.

Maria Jose Cristerna before, during and after her transformation:
Maria Jose Cristerna vampire woman pictures

Maria lives in Guadalajara, Mexico and has been called the most modified woman in the world. Perhaps more surprising than her physical transformation into a vampire is that Maria Jose Cristerna is a devoted mother to 4 children and, outside of her unusual appearance, she lives a rather normal life, running her tattoo shop and helping her kids with their homework.

More pictures of Maria Jose Cristerna:

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