Jenna Jameson’s Butt Implants Look Awkward


Jenna Jameson showed up in Vegas over the weekend to celebrate her 38th birthday looking, well, a little bit desperate to hold on to her youth? The retired adult film actress, and mother of two, partied at the Crazy Horse III stripclub wearing a skintight black and white pleather catsuit, complete with see-thru panels and super-trendy green dyed hairstyle (that seems more fit for an 18 year old). But, no, it gets worse. Jenna’s skintight catsuit housed some gigantic new butt implants that Jenna seemed more than happy to show off.

Jenna Jameson then and now:
Jenna Jameson before and after butt injections

Jenna Jameson started getting plastic surgery early in her career and had her first set of breast implants put in when she was 20. Before retiring from the adult movie business Jenna had gone through several sets of breast implants in addition to getting a chin implant, but her panache for plastic surgery didn’t seem to lose control until after she retired in 2008. From there Jenna started overusing Botox and fillers in her face and lips, and now she went and got these comically large butt implants.

Jenna Jameson before and after butt implants:

The utterly fake look of Jenna’s super-sized booty leads us to believe that she opted for silicon butt implants instead of the more natural looking fat transfer procedure (also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift), where your own fat is harvested from other parts of the body and injected into the butt. The decision to choose butt implants over fat transfer probably came because Jenna doesn’t have enough extra body fat and/or didn’t want to have liposuction.

Look, we get it. Big butts are super trendy right now, but they just don’t look right on everybody. Jenna should have just opted for a workout plan to tone and lift her butt instead of the awkward looking butt implants. What do you think of Jenna’s new bubble butt?

More pictures of Jenna Jameson at her 38th birthday party in Las Vegas:

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