Shawna Sand Bedazzled Her Teeth


Never one to shy away from the ridiculous and tacky, Shauna Sand reportedly had a cosmetic dentist implant “diamond studs” into her teeth last week. Although with the price tag of $60 per tooth, it sounds like she either got one helluva deal on diamonds, or she really just had a dentist glue some rhinestones onto her teeth.

Shauna Sand and her diamond teeth

In the after photo of Shauna’s bedazzled teeth, her dentist is holding back her glorious frosty pink silicon slug lip to show off his handiwork and the four dime store “diamonds” he stuck onto her teeth.

Shauna Sand is best known for her tacky style that is highlighted by 7″ stripper heels, see thru dresses, bad plastic surgery and even worse makeup, so we aren’t exactly expecting bedazzled teeth to become the next hot trend. The 41-year old mother of three is running out of things to augment on her body, so I guess bedazzling her veneers are a natural progression for someone that can’t just leave well enough alone.

Shauna Sand’s evolving look through the years:
Shauna Sand Before and After Bad Plastic Surgery

Shauna Sand, who is a former Playboy Playmate, spent Easter weekend at the Playboy mansion with her 3 daughters in tow. Because, you know, the Playboy mansion is a venerable playground for impressional young children.

Shauna Sand and her daughters with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion on Easter 2013:
Shauna Sand and her daughters at the Playboy Mansion

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