Monica Lewinsky To Star In Plastic Surgery Reality Show


Monica Lewinsky 2012As previously reported, the original plastic surgery reality show, “The Swan” is set to come back with a celebrity version. When we heard about the show making a comeback and their new spin, we couldn’t help but wonder what type of celebrity would agree to star on such a train-wreck of a reality show?!

Well, apparently the woman at the center of the biggest scandal in the 90’s is ready to get her swan on. Monica Lewinsky is reportedly in talks with the new celebrity incarnation of “The Swan”, who is ready to make over Monica with $100,000 worth of plastic surgery, a weight loss program and counseling.

Monica is the infamous White House intern and mistress that nearly got President Bill Clinton impeached in 1998. Since than, she has tried to rebuild her life by cashing in on her notoriety and has tried her hand at designing handbags, selling weight loss products for Weight Watchers and appearing on several reality shows and TV specials. Unable to successfully find her niche, Monica moved out of the USA in 2005 in order to avoid the negative attention that came along with her affair with President Clinton. Now, the single and nearly 40-year old Monica lives in London with her mother.

So will a drastic physical change and plastic surgery re-launch Monica Lewinsky’s life in the direction that she wants to go? While we are certain that this will make for some good reality television, for some reason this sounds like a disaster in the making for Monica.

Is this what Monica Lewinsky will look like after her plastic surgery makeover?
Monica Lewinsky after plastic surgery


  • avatar Bill says:

    I don’t know what idiot writes this but Monica didn’t nearly get Bill impeached, Bill nearly got Bill impeached.

  • avatar RicH says:

    just to be clear, Clinton WAS impeached. Being impeached doesn’t mean you are removed from office it just means he was formally accused of an infraction. You can lose your position but in this case he didn’t.

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