Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Loves His New Hair Plugs


Remember the Backstreet Boys? In the early 90’s The Backstreet Boys released their first album and the boy band became instant teen heartthrobs. Twenty years later, surprisingly enough, The Backstreet Boys are not only still together, but they are one of the best selling music artists in the world. Unfortunately the Backstreet Boys looks aren’t as timeless as their music and with the “boys” now in their 30’s and 40’s, some of them are turning to outside help in order to maintain their youthful facade. Backstreet Boy’s member AJ McLean recently posted a picture to his Instagram account showing off the result of his hair transplant surgery, giving props to both this new head of hair and his doctor.

AJ McLean posted this picture to his Instagram account, showing off his hair plugs:AJ McLean Hair Restoration Surgery

Along with the photo comparison of himself before and after getting the hairplugs, AJ implied that his hair restoration surgery was equal to a male version of a boob job and he is more than happy with the results. According to AJ:

“Some girls get there boobs done some guys get abb implants all to make them happy! This was the one thing I did and I couldn’t be happier thank u dr G!!!!”

AJ McLean before and after hair transplant surgery:
Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Before and After Hair Plugs

The Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20 year anniversary this month by kicking of a new tour, and it’s common for celebrities to try to create a buzz by doing something that will get them into the tabloids, but…hairplugs? Maybe AJ McLean should have kept that secret to himself.

And, just for fun…Here are the Backstreet Boys then and now!

The Backstreet Boys circa 1993 versus the 2012 version:
Backstreet Boys Then and Now

And the Backstreet Boys doing the Harlem Shake? Mmmmkay…

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