Perhaps Lip Filler Injections at a Fair Is Not a Good Idea…


If you’re a plastic surgery addict who spends thousands of dollars on lip injections and boob jobs, there’s a good chance you’re going to have a nasty experience like Laura Summers did with her not-so-sexy pout. The British model, who is only 27 and admits to having spent more than $90,000 on plastic surgery so far, learned this lesson the hard way when her latest lip injection was botched and she ended up with a gigantic trout pout.

Laura Summers after botched lip injections:
Laura Summers Botched Lip Injections

Laura’s story begins like any other plastic surgery addict – she was bullied in high school and underwent plastic surgery for the first time at age 20, in hopes of making herself more attractive with fake boobs and a slimmer nose. During the next seven years, Laura underwent a shocking number of procedures, including four boob jobs, a breast reduction (she changed her mind?), two nose jobs, two procedures to pin her ears back, and countless Botox injections, facial fillers and collagen injections.

Laura Summers before and after nearly $100,000 in plastic surgery procedures:
Laura Summers before and after plastic surgery

It wasn’t until November 2010 though, when Laura underwent a botched lip augmentation, that she realized her plastic surgery obsession was putting her life at risk. She was modeling at a London trade fair when someone from another stand approached her and offered to give her a lip injection. “They said they were licensed and legitimate so I thought, ‘Why not?'” After getting the lip fillers, Laura went back to her stand, but an hour later, she started to feel strange. She was light-headed and couldn’t feel her lips, which she figured was normal, but soon her whole face was numb and she was drooling uncontrollably.

When Laura woke up the next morning, she finally realized something had gone horribly wrong. “I looked in the mirror and screamed. All I could see was a monster looking back at me.” Her lips had ballooned to four times their normal size because of the bad lip injection, but when she went to the hospital, there was little doctors could do since they didn’t know what had been used as the filler. “I thought for a while I might be scarred for life or I could have even got an infection and died.”

In the end, Laura was prescribed antibiotics for the horrific swelling, but it took months for her to see any change. Nearly two years later, her lips still weren’t back to their normal size, but she says she can live with the change. “I played Russian roulette with my health and my looks and I will never do it ever again.” So does this mean Laura Summers is swearing off of plastic surgery? It sure does sound like it, but if we know our plastic surgery addicts, she will be back to the plastic surgeon sooner than you can say, “omgwasthatawrinklenearmyeyewhenipretendedtolaugh

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