Bad Plastic Surgery Killed Nikki Cox’s Career


Remember Nikki Cox? She had a pretty extensive and successful acting career that started in the early 90’s. She was known for her beautiful smile and the gorgeous actress was often cast as a love interest or for a “hot chick” type roll. So what exactly happened to Nikki Cox and why did her career suddenly die? Three words: bad plastic surgery

Nikki Cox before and after ruining her looks with plastic surgery:
Nikki Cox before and after lip augmentation

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the last time Nikki Cox was cast in a tv show or movie was before she had a horribly botched lip augmentation surgery in 2008, but we don’t think so. Not only did bad plastic surgery ruin Nikki Cox’s natural good looks, it caused her acting career to come to a grinding halt and the only work she has been able to score since than, is voiceover work. Yes, that’s right. Nikki went from leading lady rolls to voice work for cartoons and a talking poodle, thanks to one too many nips and tucks.

Nikki Cox through the yearsNikki Cox before and after bad plastic surgery

So what has Nikki had done and where did she go wrong? Early in her career, Nikki Cox got breast implants and they seemed to be well suited for her body type, plus, big fake boobs were exceedingly popular in the early 90’s. Around 2005, Nikki started dabbling with Botox and facial fillers, which seemed to be okay until something drastic happened in 2008. It appears that Nikki opted for a more drastic (and sadly, permanent) solution to her love of lip fillers and had a lip augmentation with some sort of permanent filler or implants. Nikki’s smile went from big and beautiful to overstuffed and unnatural, and the super-sized trout pout does nothing for her looks. The 34-year old actress has cute, but small features and her gigantic lips not only looks ridiculous, but it makes her already small nose and eyes look even smaller.

Unfortunately for Nikki, once you have botched plastic surgery on your face, there is little that you can do about. Corrective surgeries never fully reverse the damage done and sometimes it will just make it worse. It’s sad to see woman permanently ruin their natural good looks while on a quest for ill-conceived plastic perfection. Nikki is just another celebrity that can be added to the list of stars whose career’s were ruined by bad plastic surgery.

More photos of Nikki Cox before and after plastic surgery:

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