Battle of The Baby Bumps! Kate versus Kim


It’s a battle royale! Baby bump versus baby bump! First into the ring is Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. Both are 7 months into their first pregnancy and both are reportedly carrying baby girls.

The royal bump versus the Kardashian Kurve®:

Kate and Kim are both due to give birth in July and they are both celebrities, but that is pretty much where the similarities stop. Early in her pregnancy Kate Middleton suffered from such severe morning sickness, that she had to be admitted to the hospital. While Kim got off easy in terms of morning sickness, she has struggled with cravings and weight gain and has reportedly already consulted a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck procedure immediately following the birth of her child.

So who wears pregnancy better? In our opinion the Dutchess makes pregnancy look sweet and easy, while Kim K makes it look fussy and annoying. Sound off below!

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