The Miss Korea Pageant Contestants and Their Cookie Cutter Plastic Surgery


The winner of the Miss Korea 2013 beauty pageant has yet to be announced, but we can assure you that the winner will not be a natural beauty. Newly released photos of the 20 contestants have caused quite a buzz after people started pointing out the obvious: all of the contestants have had extensive plastic surgery and they all look oddly alike!

The contestants of the Miss Korea 2013 pageant:
Contestants of the Miss Korea 2013 pageant

To say that Koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery, may seem extreme, but it’s not really far from the truth. South Korea tops the list of countries that have had the most plastic surgery and 20% of the woman that live in Seoul have had at least one plastic surgery procedure performed. Korean’s panache for plastic surgery usually focuses on the face and typically they don’t stop at just one procedure, which may be why all of the Miss Korea pageant contestants look like cookie cutter pop-outs.

So do all of the Miss Korea beauty pageant contestants look exactly alike? Sort of! While there are slight variations between the women, it’s quite obvious that most (all?) of the woman have the same plastic-surgeon-given eyes, nose and chin.

A face morph of the Miss Korea 2013 pageant contestants:
Miss Korea 2013 Contestants Face Morph

Not surprisingly, Miss Korea 2012 has also undergone extensive plastic surgery and didn’t seem the least bit phased about the fact that her face had been completely rearranged by a plastic surgeon. When asked about her obvious transformation, Miss Korea 2012 simply responded with, “I never said I was born beautiful“.

Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yumi before and after plastic surgery:
Miss Korea Kim Yumi before and after plastic surgery

Personally I don’t think Korean’s are ugly. So why are they so obsessed with totally obliterating their faces? For me, it would be pretty disturbing if I looked into the mirror and saw the eyes, nose and chin of a barbie doll or anime creature starring back at me. I’m going to keep my fathers nose, mothers eyes and a chin that looks just like my daughters, even if they don’t fit into some weird beauty ideal that plastic surgeons are trying to sell…

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  • avatar TC says:

    Wow. Plastic surgery was for sure the right choice for her!! Great work her surgeon did.

  • avatar lemuret says:

    I really enjoy your site but please, please learn how to use apostrophes! It’s not hard!

  • avatar Wendue says:

    The correct word is “fazed” instead of “phased.”
    At first I thought I was being racist for thinking they all looked alike. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • avatar Smdh says:

    Miss Korea 2012 looks like countless Korean and Japanese girls in their respective counties. Seriously. Her face is the basic look they go for.

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