Courtney Stodden Meets With Plastic Surgeon As Her Bra Stuffing Gets Out of Control


Courtney Stodden is at it again. This time she really wants you to know that she is thinking about having more plastic surgery. The 18-year old called the paparazzi to take photos of her consulting with a well-known plastic surgeon over lunch at Hollywood hot spot Villa Blanca.

Courtney consults with plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Nevin at Villa Blanca restaurant:

Courtney has spent years defending her “natural” beauty, claiming that she had never had plastic surgery to anyone that would listen. She even had a doctor ultra-sound her boobs on Dr. Phil’s talk show in a bid for someone younger than her creepy husband to fondle her rack to prove that her hotly debated breasts are real.

Courtney, her mom Krista Stodden and plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Nevin posed for the paparazzi outside of Villa Blanca, then went inside the restaurant for their consultation. Courtney was dressed in her finest budget stripper gear, with a gold and black leopard print micro mini dress, bleached blonde extensions and 7″ spiked heels. The devote Christian teen bride also had an incredible amount of stuffing jammed into her bra, taking her from voluptuous to comical.

So what is Courtney going under the knife for this time? We hope that she is finally going to get some gigantic implants so that she can stop stuffing her bra! (No, really, Courtney…the bra stuffing is out of hand. You look ridiculous.) Since Courtney married Doug Hutchinson and became famous for being a teen bride, her seemingly huge breasts have received most of the focus. And it seems like the more attention Courtney gets for her boobs, the more stuffing she throws into her bra! You can clearly see that Courtney Stodden is not as stacked in nude photos (like these ones she posted in December) and then she shows up with her bra/swimsuit so overstuffed that she looks to have gone up 4 cup sizes.

Courtney Stodden and her go-go gadget boobs!

Courtney finally landed her first real modeling gig, and did a nude spread for “Girls and Corpses” magazine, where she posed fully nude with a fake dead person (not joking!). Looks like Courtney and her mom-ager feels like her career is taking off now (she did make the cover, you guys!) and they are ready to reinvest that corpse modeling money on some real fake boobs.

Courtney Stodden’s Girls and Corpses Magazine cover:

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  • avatar She's awful says:

    What a slut pig.

  • avatar Lola says:

    her real and tiny boobs suit her frame better.

    Those huge, elongated sagging “boobs” always look funny. The cleavage is pushed upwards (albiet with a pushup and a bit of makeup contouring) yet the “breasts” are hanging low.

  • avatar Bill says:

    What a hot chick!!! Big tits ALWAYS look better and she is no exception. You look fabulous Courtney, you’ve made some smart decisions. Keep on keepin’ on.

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