Teen Sisters Get $30,000 Plastic Surgery Makeovers Paid For By Mom


Love may not cost a thing, but butt implants sure do! A London teen named Jennifer Lopez (Coincidence? We think not!) recently spilled the beans about the more than $30,000 her mom spent on plastic surgery to make the teen girl and her younger sister more bootylicious. During their teen years, the Lopez girls underwent a series of operations that altered their bodies and left them with perkier boobs, smaller waists, unnaturally large butts and an unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery – all before the age of 19 and all paid for by mom.

The Lopez sister after plastic surgery:
Teen Plastic Surgery - Jennifer Lopez GirlsPhoto: Daily Mail

According to Jennifer, her mom flew the teen girl to her native Colombia, where she underwent three plastic surgery procedures in one day – liposuction, butt fillers and breast implants. At that time,  Jennifer was only 15, and admits now that “After my surgery I had the body of a woman, but in reality I was still only a child.” Jennifer isn’t the only one in the family who has gone under the knife for the sake of beauty though. Her younger sister, Karen, has had the same series of procedures, beginning with a nose job when she was only 14. After that, Karen started taking a Colombian drug to increase her body fat, which apparently backfired, so her mom paid for liposuction to remove the fat from her stomach and pump it into her butt.

Like most people, Karen and Jennifer’s plastic surgery obsession was spurred by insecurity. “I felt like there was nothing about me – no boobs or bum, no defined figure. I just felt like a blob,” Jennifer said about her 14-year old “before” body. So, the teen begged her mom to let her have surgery, and the mother of two reportedly shelled out more than $15,000 for the procedures. “Since having my surgery, I’ve had so much attention from men,” said Jennifer. “I love it.” Great. Because that’s exactly what you want for your 15-year-old daughter, right?

Jennifer’s sister Karen, now 20, has admitted that her butt implants are a curse because she is constantly being pestered by men who want to touch it, and both sisters say they had plastic surgery too young. Where was their mother during this plastic surgery-fest? Oh yes, forking over the money. Jennifer, now 23, is working as a secretary, and over the past eight years she has come to realize that plastic surgery is addictive. “Now when I put on weight, I automatically think the solution is another session of lipo. The only trouble is the cost.” Apparently mom has finally realized that she shouldn’t be encouraging her daughters to get plastic surgery by offering to pay for the procedures? Either that or she’s completely broke. Their mother, Leslie, is a maid and has spent her life savings and then some on plastic surgery for herself and her two daughters.

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