Japanese Woman Spends $100,000 to Look Like A French Doll


It’s pretty normal for a kid to want to emulate a beloved doll or action figure (Barbie, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, etc.), but what is not normal at all is a grown Japanese woman undergoing countless plastic surgery procedures to look like a “living French doll” – whatever that is. That’s exactly what Japanese model Vanilla Chamu hopes to accomplish though, and she has already gotten more than $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in this bizarre quest. Not only is it extremely weird that this woman wants to look like a French doll, but Vanilla looks absolutely nothing like the doll she claims she is modeling her plastic surgery after. What gives, Vanilla?

Vanilla went under the knife for the first time when she was 19, and she apparently got hooked. After spending some $102,000 on extreme plastic surgery, she has since succeeded in becoming an Internet sensation, but her “perfect” living French doll fantasy remains beyond her reach. The most bizarre change Vanilla has made in her appearance involves her eyes, which used to be small and narrow and are now huge and round, with that wide-open glassy look previously reserved for anime characters and human Barbie doll wanna-be’s.

Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery:
Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery

It’s hard to believe that this creepy “Western”-looking woman is Japanese, but Vanilla’s “before” pictures prove that, not only did she once look human, but she was actually a pretty Japanese teenager prior to her 30+ plastic surgery procedures, which included liposuction, breast implants, dimple creation, eyelash implants, double-eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. As a result, Vanilla is now the proud owner of a new face, a trout pout and a pair of gigantic breasts that make her tiny frame look like it’s about to topple over.

Vanilla Chamu and the men that built her:
Vanilla Chamu and the plastic surgeons that built her

Vanilla isn’t alone in using cosmetic surgery to look like a living doll; she is part of the larger “Lolita” trend in Japan and other countries, where young women go under the knife to appear more like anime characters. Think 27-year-old Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova. According to Vanilla though, the startling physical transformation she has already undergone isn’t quite enough; she still plans to undergo another breast implant and height lengthening surgery, which sounds way too much like some kind of medieval stretch machine torture, a là The Princess Bride.

Following is a video of Vanilla and her plastic surgery transformation. It’s in Japanese, but you can get the just of it from the graphics and pictures…Like the one showing how the plastic surgeons peeled off her face and scalp in order to insert some bizarro forehead implant?! Um, ouch?

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  • avatar Cat says:

    The height lengthening surgery is (I believe) when surgeons break and reset your legs to promote bone growth and therefore, height – it can take years and it’s agony.

    This woman needs a different sort of medical assistance, maybe with a nice white jacket with buckles up the back

  • avatar Cat says:

    Having now watched the video, i’m not sure she can blink properly after her eyelid surgery.

    She is in her 20s but looks like a washed up 50 year old wanna-be – she should stop now, if the height surgery goes wrong she will not be able to walk again.

    All for vanity.

  • avatar Linda Reynolds says:

    The photo on the top right hand side is photoshopped! She does not look like that. I can see why she had surgery. She was not a good looking or pretty teenager. She had the archetypal flat face, eyes spread far apart and awful eyes. YUK!! UGLY,UGLY,UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Smdh says:

      You, sweetie, just showed us without us actually seeing you how ugly you are. If natural is ugly, you’re in the right place to form a template for your own transformation. I don’t have to see you to know how disgusting you are, and you’re not clever to hide how much you hate the features of her ethnicity (if not her ethnicity itself).

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