Myla Sinanaj Wants To Show You Her New Breast Implants


The Kris Humphries rebound chick Myla Sinanaj has something she wants to show you:

Myla Sinanaj before after breast implants:

Images censored by Google. She Myla’s after pics here

Myla recently washed up on a New Jersey beach with her new floatation devices tangled up in some sort of swimsuit/seatbelt contraption. Myla went from a B-cup to a D-cup with the help of some silicon breast implants, that were reportedly bought and paid for by Kris Humphries, and she would now like to put them on display for your admiration and approval. (Hmmm. Nope. Sorry, I can still see the Jersey Shore Oomph Loompa through the plastic surgery, makeup and Photoshop.)

Myla Sinanaj caught her 5 minutes of fame for banging Kris Humphries immediately after Kim Kardashian pulled the plug on their 72 day marriage, and apparently she thinks that plastic surgery and staged bikini photo shoots are somehow going to extend the media attention. Apparently she did not get the memo about staged bikini pictures being so last year? Staged anal sex tapes or bust, Myla!

More pictures of Myla Sinanaj in that ugly bikini torture device:

Images censored by Google. She Myla’s after pics here

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