Alicia Douvall Steps Out After Another Round of Major Surgery On Her Face


Alicia Douvall recently stepped out for a stroll in England and the 33-year old model looks like she has been severely beaten! Alicia, an admitted plastic surgery addict, has spent more than $1million on plastic surgery and this latest bout with her plastic surgeon has left more than just her bank account bruised. Alicia’s face is currently swollen, bloodied and heavily bandaged.

Alicia Douvall before and after having several of her facial implants removed:
Alicia Douvall Plastic Surgery 2013

After an extremely painful botched butt implant procedure and becoming pregnant with her second daughter, Alicia Douvall vowed to kick her plastic surgery addiction. And while Alicia obviously hasn’t kicked the plastic surgery habit, she claims that she is now having surgery to try and fix all of the botched plastic surgery she has had in the past. During this latest round of surgeries, Alicia had implants removed from her nose, cheeks and eyes.

Alicia Douvall at age 17, before plastic surgery:Alicia Douvall at age 17

Alicia started having plastic surgery at 17 and now the mother of two has major regrets. Due to the extensive surgeries, Alicia has lost feeling in many parts of her body including around her waistline, under her right arm, her entire left breast and parts of her face. Alicia now laments that the plastic surgeons that operated on her had no regard for her well-being, as they continued to take her money in exchange for the laundry list of unnecessary plastic surgeries that she requested. Just to name a few, Alicia has undergone 6 nose jobs, over a dozen breast augmentations, butt implants, a facelift, lip augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction and even toe-shortening surgery. Alicia once even brought a Barbie doll to a consultation as a point of reference for the doctor. Unrealistic plastic surgery addict red flag much?

As much as Alicia wants to place blame on the plastic surgeons for the state of her sliced and diced face and body, in their defense, they did cut her off at one point. But, when plastic surgeons in the UK refused to operate on her, Alicia simply traveled abroad and lied about her medical history in order to have more plastic surgery. Any doctor can look at Alicia Douvall and see her addiction, but money talks and there will always be plastic surgeons willing to cut up delusional people to their hearts content. Well, as long as they have cash or good credit, that is!

More pictures of Alicia Douvall after having her facial implants removed:

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